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Are you riding the right wheels ?

Are you riding the right wheels ?
Are you riding the right wheels ?

Your wheels are arguably the most important part of your bicycle. Sixty-four spokes, two hubs, two rims and two tires: simple right? Not quite. With the advancement of biking technology there are many choices on the market today. It’s easy to lose perspective on the basics; it’s just a push-pedal bike after all. Here’s an outline to help you make the best choice for yourself.


Hubs come in various shapes and sizes. All riders need a dependable drive mechanism. On the front end you have two choices hinging on the type of riding that you do. This ultimately depends on your front fork. For freeriders, down hillers or huckers (anybody with an aggressive riding style), the obvious choice is a 20-mm front thru-axle, which gives the rider far superior lateral stiffness. If you’re into lightweight, cross-country or out-of-bounds riding, a nine mm will suit your needs. Sealed bearings with precision machining are the high-end hubs, which are long lasting and maintenance free. Most common today are disc brake specific hubs, disc brakes being the best thing that has happened to biking since Brett Tippie. However, if you’re still supporting V Brakes, non-disk hubs are cheap but less common as you can see in this website


For mountain biking there are two sizes of rims available: 26-inch or 24-inch diameter. The 26-inch are the most common, but sometimes you can change the geometry of your bike to suit your local geography by having a 24-inch wheel in the rear. All riders are essentially looking for the same thing: light and strong wheels. Compromises must be made gearing toward your riding style. Some basic things to look for are double-walled rims with stainless steel eyelets. If you’re V braking, look for ceramic rims, as they will increase your braking power and last longer. If you have moved into the new era, for disc specific rims look for hard anodized rims to be stronger. And for all you tech lightweight riders remember that doubled butted spokes save weight.


Tires come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from skinny 1.8-inch easy to flat cross-country tires to three-inch down hill monsters. A three-inch tire will give a beginner rider far more room for error. Look for the rubber compound to be tacky and soft as this will give the rider far more traction. The biting edge depends on the sidewall, soft is best, but not too soft otherwise the tire will roll over the rim and this will end in a flat. Tire tread is the preference of the rider and deemed not to be as important as was once thought. And always remember that hand built wheels are stronger than machine-made wheels.

Exploring Mt Yasur in Tanna

Mt Yasur in Tanna
Mt Yasur in Tanna

Tanna or Tana is a constituent island of the country of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean in Melanesia. It is located in Tafea Province and is about 100 miles southwards from the capital island of Efate. The island of Tanna is 40 km long and 19 km wide and has an area of 550 square kilometres. Tanna, with a population of about 20,000 is one of the populous islands of Vanuatu. The provincial administrative capital is Isangel, which is located on the west coast and near to the largest town on the island, Lénakel.

Tanna has five main languages, namely, North Tanna, Lénakel (has the highest number of speakers), Southwest Tanna, Whitesands and Kwamera. These are generally grouped into the Tanna languages family, which is a subgroup of the South Vanuatu languages, an Austronesian language branch. People here also speak Bislama, one of Vanuatu’s three official languages.

Kava, coconut, copra, coffee are some of the products grown in the fertile island of Tanna. Tanna’s economy is mainly based on agriculture and tourism.


Mount Tukosmera with an altitude of 1,084 metres is the highest peak in Tanna. To the north-east of the peak and close to the coast lies Lake Siwi. In 2000, abnormally high rainfall caused the lake burst down the valley into Sulphur Bay, leading to total destruction of the village. Mount Yasur, one of the most accessible volcano in the world, is located on the southeast coast of Tanna. Mt Yasur is said to be one of the prime attraction of Tanna.


The southern and eastern coasts of Tanna are cooler (thanks to the trade winds blowing from south to east) and also more sunnier than the western coast.

May to November is the winter time when there is relatively lesser rain and temperature hovers around 26 degrees Celcius on an average. Mountains are cooler during this time. During the summer, Tanna experiences more rainfall and the mercury moves around 30 degrees Celcius near the coastal area. Inland and the western areas are hotter.

Best time to visit Tanna:

February, August and October are the ideal months to visit Tanna.

Tourist attractions of Tanna Island:
  • Mount Yasur (Vanuatu’s most active volcano)
  • Port Resolution (named by Captain James Cook after his ship, H.M.S. Resolution, in 1774)
  • Kastom villages, wherein the inhabitants have rejected modernity and still live life the way their ancestors did
  • Jon Frum Religion, a Cargo Cult with Christian influence
  • Lake Isiwi
  • Festivals like Yam, Toka or Nekowiar and John Frum Day.
  • Mountain trails in the southwest
  • Tanna volcanic hot spring
How to Get to Tanna Island:
  • By air:
    Tanna airport is located 10 km north of Lénakel. Air Vanuatu flights connect Tanna every day of the week. Domestic flier VANAIR connects Tanna with Port Vila (takes an hour). Taxi, minibus and truck service is available for reaching Lénakel town from the airport. There is another airport at White Grass but there are no overseas flights flying to and from there as yet. Vehicles are also arranged from the hotels/resorts.
  • Domestic water transport:
    Lénakel offers domestic shipping transport service. A fast passenger boat called Fresh Cargo visits Tanna from Vila. The service, however, is irregular and depends on the number of passengers.
Tanna Island Accommodation:
  • Tanna Evergreen Bungalows, White Grass


  • Tanna White Beach Bungalows, Loukatoi
  • Ikamir Guest House, Bethel
  • Iwaru Beach Bungalows, West Coast
  • Paradise View Bungalows, Lounasunan
  • Sunrise Bungalows, Manuapen
  • Port Resolution Nipikimanu Yacht Club, Port Resolution
  • Rocky Island Bungalows, Port Resolution
  • Nauhiu Banyan Tree Bungalow, Loanengo
  • Volcano Whispering Lodge, Loanengo
  • Tanna Tree Top Lodge, Loanengo
  • Volcano Smile Lava Bungalows, Loanengo
  • Jungle Oasis Lodge, Loanengo
  • Tropical Retreat Bungalows, Iatapu
  • Ianiuia Beach Restaurant, Port Resolution
  • Shark Bay Tour and Bungalows, Manuapen
  • Samana Starlite Bungalows, White Sands
  • Tanna Lava View, White Sands

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Motorcycle Tours of Vietnam

Motorcycle Tours of Vietnam

Picture source facebook voyage vietnam

Vietnam is a fascinating country to visit, especially when you travel the highways and byways into the countryside to experience the culture and the scenic wonders first hand. Touring on lightweight motorcycle is an ideal way to cover travel Vietnam. It is the way most Vietnamese travel themselves. The motorcycle best fits the rural infrastructure of the country. Some six thousand North Americans tour Vietnam by motorcycle every year, together with thousands of Europeans and international tourists from all over the world.

A tour of the North East of Vietnam will take you through tribal village, markets and coastal scenic wonders. A tour of the North West will carry you through the high country, the Tonkinese Alps and mountain village culture. Visit the South and see Saigon, ride through the jungle and the plantation center of the country.

Organized Tours:

There are several large travel companies offering escorted tours through the Vietnamese countryside from a week to 11 days in some cases including a brief boat cruise. The escorted tours include everything, motorcycle finance, gear like helmets, gloves and riding attire, all fuel and support, meals and accommodation, all entrance fees, tickets, transport fees, and third party motorcycle insurance. You will ride on a light weight motorbike like the Honda Fortune or the Yamaha YBR. You may also chose a light dirt bike like the Honda XR400 for off-road travel. The tours are accompanied by a guide/ translator who also serves as a motorcycle mechanic. It is a good idea to get your motorcycle serviced before the trip. ( more on that here) Many of the accommodations on the tours are home stays.

Most motorcycle tourists organize group tours which are prices according to the side of the party and the type of motorcycle finance included, with per rider prices depending on the size of the group. Per Diem prices may range between 90 USD and 180 USD per person.


What You Need:

Only citizens of certain Asian countries, Korea and Japan can enter Vietnam without an entry visa for visits up to 30 days. Other tourists need an entry visa. Obtaining an entry visa requires some preparation and there are costs involved. You will need a passport valid beyond six months after your visit. You will need two recent color passport photographs. You will need to obtain an official letter of invitation from Vietnam. The process of obtaining necessary letters and forms is a little confusing. You can obtain help from your tour operator. The tour guide operator can help you through a procedure for applying to receive a visa on arrival at the airport ( please follow this link to see more about Vietnam visa or you can grab one here The cost for a single entry, 1 to 3 months stay visa is about 45 USD per person. One month multiple entry visas cost 65 USD per person. Three month entry visas cost 95 USD per person.

Medical Recommendations:

All travelers to Vietnam should make sure their vaccinations for measles-mumps-rubella, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, chicken pox, polio and flu are up to date. A vaccine for hepatitis A is highly recommended, since some travelers to Vietnam get hepatitis “A” through contaminated food. Typhoid vaccination is also highly recommended to prevent infection through contaminated water. If you are traveling to Vietnam on an extended trip, especially traveling through rural areas and spending a lot of time outdoors, you should consider immunity from Japanese encephalitis. Malaria is a possibility in Vietnam if you are exposed to mosquitoes You should have access to anti-malarial medications. Rabies is a real danger if you are exposed to wild animals in Vietnam. You should consider rabies vaccine. Yellow fever is not a risk in Vietnam. But the Vietnamese government may require proof of yellow fever vaccination. Vietnam is a tropical country. Traveling in the tropics always poses special dangers along with the special mystery and charm. If you are traveling to Vietnam, you should discuss your plans with your doctor.

Alaska – Are You Hungry for Adventure?

As one of the last great, unspoiled areas of the planet, Alaska adventure travel attracts thousands of tourists each year who want to experience an Alaska adventure vacation. These excursions often feature wildlife viewing activities like whale watching and may include shore excursions to native Eskimo villages or other points of interest. The great beauty of the Alaskan wilderness offers a compelling destination for travelers who want something more from their vacation than just a way to kill some time.

Where Is Alaska?

Alaska is located at the northwest tip of the American continent. Surrounded by water on one side and by Canada on the other, it isn’t actually connected to the continental United States but still has the distinction of being the largest state in the Union. Alaska has a low population density due to the harshness of the climate during the winter months but it is a land rich in wildlife and sadly also rich in oil, leading many people to fear that this national treasure will be spoiled for future generations. This fear leads many people to visit Alaska out of a desire to see it while it is still in near pristine condition.

Alaska has been part of the United States since it was purchased from the Russians in 1867 for approximately $7.2 million. Today the state has a population of some 630,000 people, up from 130,000 fifty years ago. The population is composed of Caucasians, Native Americans, and some Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans.

What About Its Culture?

Because of its multiethnic society, the culture of Alaska is quite varied. Native Alaskan culture and art are of predominant interest to tourists who can avail themselves of numerous museums and cultural centers. Native groups present in the state include the Aleut, Alutiiq, Athabascan, Nupiaq, St. Lawrence Island Yupik, Tlingit, Haida, Eyak, Tsimshian, Yup’ik and Cup’ik cultures.

Life for non-native Alaskans is often a rough and tumble business. It is a casual state with a frontier quality where outdoor activities and rugged living are the norms. During the winter months many Alaskans are isolated from one another and from the outside world. Most would say the inconveniences are a small price to pay for living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

What Kind Of Adventures Can You Look Forward To In Alaska?

There are almost unlimited sources of diversion for the prospective Alaska visitor. Camping and wildlife photography are popular Alaska travel adventure activities. Sadly there is still a hunting culture but the activity is strictly regulated by the state. Fly-fishing and sport fishing are popular on the rugged waters in the warmer months. Fishermen go after rainbow trout, sockeye salmon, silver salmon and king salmon among others. White water rafting and kayaking are popular as is mountain biking. Dog sledding and other winter sports are also prominent features of Alaska adventure travel.

Youth Hostels Vs Hotels

Youth Hostels Vs Hotels
Youth Hostels Vs Hotels

In a hostel the visitors generally make payment of rent for a bed in a big room where there are various other visitors paying rent for the other beds in the room. All the visitors share a one common bathroom, lounge rooms, and kitchen. If you want privacy then in that case you can opt for the private rooms in the hostel but for this, you have to pay a bit higher. The advantages of the youth hostels Sydney Australia is that the cost of lodging is quite low as compared to the options like hotels and you even get the opportunity to meet the other visitors from various other parts of the world.

Youth hostels Sydney Australia are generally cheaper and less formal as compared to the hotels. They are most likely used by the young generations who travel the world for different purposes. In the past, there existed a conception that most of the hostels put age limits for accommodation but this conception does not hold true in today’s time, as the hostel accommodation is open for visitors belonging to different age groups. Even though there is no restriction on the age factor for accommodation in these hostels, a large number of people staying in these hostels are generally of the ages 18 and 26. Thus, these hostels are commonly known as youth hostels in Sydney.

A hostel gives you a chance to see people belonging to different culture and their traditions and customs. The visitor does more communication with fellow visitors as compared to a hotel. Numerous hostels even facilitate their visitors to enjoy free of cost activities for their entertainment. There are several disadvantages of using hostels and these are almost similar to the disadvantages faced in using a hotel. One of the most common disadvantages of staying in youth hostels Sydney Australia can be theft since the visitor’s share a common room space but this can be worked out by properly locking up the possessions. Many of the hostels provide you some aid to securely store your possessions and some of them even provide you with private lockers.

One other disadvantage of staying in youth hostels Sydney Australia can be facing difficulty in sleeping may be because of the noise caused by someone’s snoring or someone coming back to the hostel room late in the evening. Hostel Kings Cross Sydney is one of the best place to live. This is the only reason behind the fixing up of time for the last entry in the hostel and lights off in the hostel premises. These are the various disadvantages of youth accommodation in Sydney.

World’s 5 Most Anticipated Dance Festivals

Most people admire dance festivals all over the world. Some of the festivals have been going on for the last 20 years. Newcomers in the festivals are usually welcome as long as they receive appreciation from the audience. World’s five most anticipated dance festivals include:

The Sonar Festival takes place every month of June in Barcelona. The festival displays new talent with its unique format. The festival incorporates new music trends with an electronic feel as well as culture. Established artists mingle with upcoming ones hence the ability for them to learn audio-visual and musical production increases. This festival has two sections that take place in the night and day. The night one displays talent from existing artists while the day one focuses on looking for new talent as well as concerts.

Also known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, The Movement Electronic Festival began in the year 2000. It mainly takes place in the city’s middle spot. People have a chance to celebrate techno music founded by their ancestors. Famous artists from Detroit perform in this festival. Some of the artists include Stacy Pullen, Richie Hawtin and Carl Craig. In attendance are artists from other parts of the world. Tickets are sold online or in outlet shops in Detroit is VIP or general. Other amenities that one can enjoy include access to free WI- FI, parties that take place after the festivals and a centre for technology. More than 107,000 people attend the festival.

The Ultra music festival takes place in Miami. Unlike before, the festival lasts two weekends. Stars on the rise get a chance to grace this occasion. The festival includes upcoming artists like Disclosure and Nicolas Jaar.

The Mutek festival takes place in Montreal. It displays music done electronically as well as creativity that is digital. Many individuals in North America can display their electronic talent in this festival. It began in the year 2000 and took place aside the New Media and Cinema festival. The festival nurtures talent through sponsoring collaborations and production of audio-visuals. Performing artists include Robert Hood, John Talabot and Mathew Herbert.

The other festival is the Electric Daisy Carnival. The festival takes place in Las Vegas. It attracts a crowd of up to 300,000 people. The festival once experienced strong winds that swept it away. It is one of the biggest events in North America. The festival also takes place in New York and Chicago. Some featured artists include Carl Cox, Thomas Gold and David Guetta.


Sydney Charming Tourist Attractions

The tourist’s destinations and attractions reflect about the city’s charm and beautiful, the main attractions in this Australia largest city comprised some unique and magnificent landmarks. There are also a number of well-tended garden like the famous Botanical Gardens, visitors troops to this spots to see how the lush expansive flower gardens are tended. Sydney Harbor Bridge and Bondi Beach are some other charming attractions to explore while in the city.

Bondi Beach: 

  1. a) Is just within a short drive from the city center, the spot is loved by both foreigners and local people due to its attractive nature.
    b) The visitors frequent the beach to explore its white sands, sun basking is one major activity been done here by visitors who flock there
    c) The Campbell Parade is just nearby for more fun activities around the beach, the Parade hosts several restaurants and eateries to satisfy all continental dishes, the restaurants are built along the expanse of the beach with panoramic views of the blue waters of the Sea.
    d) Surfing s one fun sporting activity done along the white sandy beaches, sanding along the beach is also popular there.

Sydney Opera house:

  1. a) The Sydney opera House is right within the precincts of the city, the landmark house is a must see attraction while in Australia, it houses some biggest auditoriums and conference halls known in the whole world.
    b) The landmark is easily noticeable once you arrive in the city, it’s remarkable in the entire Australia as a whole too for its fame.
    c) Opera House offers facilities for grand meetings and performances which are internationally recognized and attended, millions of audience have gotten a chance to attend every year.
    d) The house is uniquely designed with top class architectural design; the facility is very modern with unique ambiance and attraction worth exploring while in the city.

The Botanic Gardens:

  1. a) The garden is one of the natural attractions for families who are going for a floral rendezvous, the lovely flowers makes many families visiting a good treat.
    b) It directly compliments the Sydney Harbor vista, the Harbor is just next to the Botanic Gardens, and the variety of flowers offers a great view for even study purposes.
    c) The well maintained and trimmed Garden offers a variety, it’s divided in different segments according to different plants species, and visitors find it a real learning tour even as they enjoy the wonders of the garden.
    d) The garden is an expansive 30 acre with much more to offer its visitors; there are nice restaurants around where you can enjoy yourself with your family.

Sydney Aquarium: 

  1. a) The Aquarium is just within the precincts of the city within the nearby Parks; here the aquatic life is well refined and defined for purposes of attractions.
    b) Many visitors come to experience the water life in the area; the Aquarium is well developed with many species of fiches and other sea mammals to explore about.
    c) The marine creatures include the cold, fresh, salty and the tropical water fishes, the species numbers about a thousand and more, other unique species of mammals can also be found in this spot.
    d) There are specialist guides to take visitors through the segments of the Aquarium for learning purposes, the Seal Show is a site to see while here for entertaining purposes.

The Blue Mountains:

  1. a) The Mountain Ranges are just serenely located within the Northern part of the city, the views are so panoramic for many city dwellers, and it’s a good escape from the hustles of the busy city.
    b) The Mountain ranges are unique in their cascading contrasts; the ranges overlap each other to give the viewer a picturesque view of the quite mountainous region.
    c) Wentworth Falls is considered another attraction offered by the ranges, the fall can be viewed just at the foot of these high Ranges, some water sporting activities can be done at the foot of the Ranges.
    d) The Three Sister are other must see attractions of the area; The Everglades can also be viewed within the Mountain region.

Other attractions like the Sydney Harbor Bridge, The Chinese Garden Of Friendship, and The Queen Victoria Building are adding to the number of must see attractions, get your Australian Visas to explore all its beautiful attractions.


A Buck Loose In Sydney

If you find yourself in Sydney, Australia for a wedding, and find out that you are in charge of planning a last minute bachelor party, don’t stress! You have a plethora of options on how to make sure the guys all have a great time. From drinking out on the night to strippers galore, Sydney is full of an endless night of entertainment. Make sure you make the arrangements for the bachelor event a day or two prior. This will prevent any stress the day of. If you have access to an internet, be sure to read reviews of all the places you plan to attend, so you don’t end up in a part of town that isn’t all that you expected it to be.

Start off the night by taking the guys out to a great bar. Be sure the place as good entertainment along with good priced drinks. Get the bachelor and the other guys a little tipsy and loosened up for the events to follow. Most guys have a better time when they have a little alcohol in their system. However, make sure no one over do’s it on the drinking early into the night. It will ruin the rest of the plans. Don’t just stop at one bar either, visit a couple different ones, so that your crowd enjoys multiple different party atmospheres. If you choose to go out to dinner, be sure to do it before the bar scene. However, if you are disinterested in eating out at a restaurant, go to local bars that serve food. It’s hard to party and have a good time on a empty stomach that rumbles throughout the whole night.

After you and the guys have lived it up at the bar scene and enjoyed dancing with the local ladies, and filling yourselves up with a variety of liquors, head over to a hotel that you should make reservations for a night or two before. Also, with the hotel reservations, you should get online and look for private strippers ( is a great place to start) for bachelor parties. Look for one from a reputable company, and hire a sexy lady to arrive at the hotel. Be sure the other guys know to bring some money for tips, because you will receive a better show the more she is tipped. You have the option of going out to strip clubs and enjoying a variety of beautiful women; however, strippers that come to private events allow the full focus to be on the bachelor, and provide a little bit more of hands on experience.

This may be similar to the usual bachelor party that other gentlemen hold; but, when you have a group of good guy friends, you can’t go wrong with dancing, drinking, and a beautiful woman, or two, to finish up the night. Make sure the bachelor is not aware of the plans for the night, so that he can get a nice surprise, especially from the beautiful stripper. Also, be sure that everyone is focused on making the whole event about the groom. Everyone should have a superb time the night of the bachelor party, but that night should be all about the guy who is about to tie the knots.

Top Five Places to See in Africa

Africa is believed to be the land where many people and things originated from. I am African American, though I am not from Africa, I am one hundred percent sure that my ancestors are and not once have I attempted to visit Africa or consider going. Where would I start? Where would I go if I did go to Africa. Is Africa as beautiful as it seems on television or ads? These are questions you must ask yourself as a traveler. Think about the kind of hotel you would like to visit when going to Africa. This will be the most important because this is the place in which you will be spending your vacation nights.

The best destinations in Africa start with the scenery, and the lands. Before you go to Africa always look for the best destinations on a site like Do your research before you jump into your plans. If you are traveling during the holidays which most people are, then ask yourself, what is the best holiday destinations in Africa? Consider the beaches and the cities. Africa is a big continent and there is much to do. If you get bored on this vacation then you aren’t doing something right.

Kynsna Elephant Park,
Kynsna Elephant Park

A highly recommended place to visit would be the Marrakech, Morocco. The Red city of Marrakech is a extraordinary place to visit with great scenery and service. Cape town central, South Africa, is a nice resort with the perfect beach and city and town above the coast of the lands. The beach houses are lined up across the shores. Visitors can visit Robben Island where Nelsen Mandela was in prison. Kynsna is located in South Africa and there are many cliffs along the shores are clean, non polluted bodies of water.

To look out into see from the top of the cliffs will be a moment not forgotten. Visit the Kynsna Elephant Park, the Kynsna Head, and the buffalo Bay. Drupkelders Hiking Trail is a short hike around 3 kilometers. Be sure to bring a camera because there is always something there worth seeing. This would be a recommended place to go during Christmas. Kynsna is one of the best holiday destinations in Africa. Durban is another city close to the coast of it’s shores. The difference between Durban and Cape town central is that the buildings in Durban are much higher and look more like business buildings. The city is much more closer to the shores than that of Cape town central. In Durban you could literally walk out of the buildings and walk across the sandy beach.

Travelers should try the street scene tour. It is wheelchair access and there is activities for the young children. Hazeyview is south of Africa. It would be my favorite. There are hills and mountains and even valleys. One might see a variety of animals. The most popular activity would be zip lining. Many of the tours are popular as well for tourist. The tours are always exciting and educational of course. The elephants whispers are a once in a life time experience. You visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda,watch the year round event of the zebra migration, visit Victoria falls, or even see the pyramids of Giza up close. The choice is yours to make, but any choice you make will not be one you regret.

Motorcycle Tours of Vietnam

Vietnam is a fascinating country to visit, especially when you travel the highways and byways into the countryside to experience the culture and the scenic wonders first hand. Touring on lightweight motorcycle is an ideal way to cover travel Vietnam. It is the way most Vietnamese travel themselves. The motorcycle best fits the rural infrastructure of the country. Some six thousand North Americans tour Vietnam by motorcycle every year, together with thousands of Europeans and international tourists from all over the world.

A tour of the North East of Vietnam will take you through tribal village, markets and coastal scenic wonders. A tour of the North West will carry you through the high country, the Tonkinese Alps and mountain village culture. Visit the South and see Saigon, ride through the jungle and the plantation center of the country.

Organized Tours:

There are several large travel companies offering escorted tours through the Vietnamese countryside from a week to 11 days in some cases including a brief boat cruise. The escorted tours include everything, motorcycle finance, gear like helmets, gloves and riding attire, all fuel and support, meals and accommodation, all entrance fees, tickets, transport fees, and third party motorcycle insurance. You will ride on a light weight motorbike like the Honda Fortune or the Yamaha YBR. You may also chose a light dirt bike like the Honda XR400 for off-road travel. The tours are accompanied by a guide/ translator who also serves as a motorcycle mechanic. It is a good idea to get your motorcycle serviced before the trip. ( more on that here) Many of the accommodations on the tours are home stays.

Most motorcycle tourists organize group tours which are prices according to the side of the party and the type of motorcycle finance included, with per rider prices depending on the size of the group. Per Diem prices may range between 90 USD and 180 USD per person.

What You Need:

Only citizens of certain Asian countries, Korea and Japan can enter Vietnam without an entry visa for visits up to 30 days. Other tourists need an entry visa. Obtaining an entry visa requires some preparation and there are costs involved. You will need a passport valid beyond six months after your visit. You will need two recent color passport photographs. You will need to obtain an official letter of invitation from Vietnam. The process of obtaining necessary letters and forms is a little confusing. You can obtain help from your tour operator. The tour guide operator can help you through a procedure for applying to receive a visa on arrival at the airport ( please follow this link to see more about Vietnam visa ). The cost for a single entry, 1 to 3 months stay visa is about 45 USD per person. One month multiple entry visas cost 65 USD per person. Three month entry visas cost 95 USD per person.

Medical Recommendations:

All travelers to Vietnam should make sure their vaccinations for measles-mumps-rubella, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, chicken pox, polio and flu are up to date. A vaccine for hepatitis A is highly recommended, since some travelers to Vietnam get hepatitis “A” through contaminated food. Typhoid vaccination is also highly recommended to prevent infection through contaminated water. If you are traveling to Vietnam on an extended trip, especially traveling through rural areas and spending a lot of time outdoors, you should consider immunity from Japanese encephalitis. Malaria is a possibility in Vietnam if you are exposed to mosquitoes You should have access to anti-malarial medications. Rabies is a real danger if you are exposed to wild animals in Vietnam. You should consider rabies vaccine. Yellow fever is not a risk in Vietnam. But the Vietnamese government may require proof of yellow fever vaccination. Vietnam is a tropical country. Traveling in the tropics always poses special dangers along with the special mystery and charm. If you are traveling to Vietnam, you should discuss your plans with your doctor.

Zlatni Rat , the most spectacular beaches in Croatia

Zlatni Rat
Zlatni Rat

The Golden Horn, also called Zlatni Rat is the most spectacular beaches in Croatia. This wide golden sandy beach that spans almost 530 meters, juts into the water like a tongue stretched into the sea end of the beach changes shape and position depending on the wind. Surrounded by pine forest and sea with crystal clear waters, this beach is distinguished by its fascinating beauty.

Located at the southeast end of the Croatian island of Brac, near the small town of Bol, this beach has become, over the years, the favorite haunt of tourists both Croatian and foreign. Indeed, the beach attracts tourists from around the world come to bask in the sun, the sea and to enjoy water sports.

The Golden Horn (or sometimes even the “Gold Cap”) offers a wide range of water sports, including jet skiing, scuba diving, banana boats (banana-shaped buoy towed by a boat ) and parachute jumping, beach volleyball and many other fun activities. For those who just want to relax away from the rays of the burning sun, the pine forest next to an ideal refuge.

Traveling Down Under

Australia is truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It covers an area of 2.97 million square miles and has a total population of 22.68 million people. Most of these residents live along the coast leaving thousands of miles of wilderness in the interior Outback. You could spend a lifetime traveling Australia and never truly discover all of it, but one to two years should be enough to give you a taste which is sure to have you wanting more.

The first thing that any traveler should know before embarking on their OZ odyssey is that visa kit in Australia require a little research. There are typically three types of visa kit available to tourists which include; Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass601), eVisitors (Subclass 651), and Visitor Visa (Subclass 600). The Electronic Visa is filed for and stored online for visitors staying up to three months. This would be the Visa for residents from North America. eVisitor Visa’s are the same thing but for residents from Europe. For more migration help, be sure to visit the Australian Government website or check out Time For Advice website.

Those who wish to stay longer than 3 months should apply for the Visitor Visa which allows a maximum of 12 months in country. This is the max that a tourist is allowed to stay in Australia. Those who wish to stay longer would have to reapply, leave the country and re-enter, or risk deportation.

Once you have the Visa squared away it is important to note that Australia works much like the USA with minor exceptions. The first and biggest difference visitors will notice is the high price of goods. To put it simply, everything there is expensive because they pay a much higher wage than most countries. It is safe to say that $100-150 a day is the bare minimum anyone should plan for Australia.

Clothing, customs, and daily interactions will be very similar to what most Americans are used to. The people are incredibly welcoming and friendly. Don’t be surprised if people randomly stop and ask if they can help you find something. The attitude towards American’s is quite positive as well and travelers should only expect a few good natured jokes at best. Sometimes locals are the best migration help a visitor can ask for!

Getting around Australia can be a difficult feat. Trains are a mainstay but can be quite expensive depending on the destination. Airfare is similar to the United States and is getting cheaper thanks to the emergence of low cost airlines like Virgin Blue. Hiring (renting) a car can also be expensive let alone the cost of gas which will kill any budget quickly.

Each city in Australia is different and most travelers will quickly figure out their favorite. Traveling to Australia is a dream for many people around the world. With the right preperation (and budget), visitors can ensure they have a great time and make memories that last a lifetime. Be sure to bring a camera, a good pair of walking shoes, a swimsuit, and prepare to be amazed at what life down under is all about. I guarantee you won’t want to leave at the end of your journey!

The tepuis (or tepuis) are flat-topped mountain overlooking the tropical jungle


The tepuis are flat plateaus or mountains found in the Guiana Shield of South America, especially Venezuela. In the language of the Pemon people who live in the Gran Sabana (great savanna), “Tepui” means “House of the Gods” because of their height.

The tepuis are generally isolated from each other unlike the classic roller chains, resulting in a concentration of hundreds of endemic plant and animal species, some of which are found only on one tepui. The isolation of these reliefs and their climatic contrasts explain this. Rising above the surrounding forest, the tepuis have vertical sides almost perpendicular, and many rise up to 1000 meters above the surrounding jungle. The largest of them are over 3000 meters high. The nearly vertical cliffs and dense rainforest bed on which these tepuis are, make them inaccessible by foot. Only three mountains of the Gran Sabana can be reached on foot, including Mount Roraima, 2180 m high, is the most accessible.

The tepuis are the remains of a large sandstone plateau that once covered the entire floor of granite between the northern border of the Amazon basin and Orinoco, and between the Atlantic coast and the Rio Negro, during the period Precambrian. Over millions of years, the plates were eroded and all that remained were the tepuis isolated these mountains “flat head” (or table mountain, mesa, and tafelberg as they are also called). Although tepuys seem quite sterile, their summit is teeming with life.

The high altitude of tepuys gives them a different climate from the forest below. The summit is often cooler with frequent rains, while the base has a hot and humid tropical climate. Many extraordinary plants (endemic) have adapted to the environment to form unique and specific species tepui.


Some 9400 species of higher plants were recorded in Venezuelan Guiana, 2322 which have been registered since the tepuis. Thus, about one third of species found nowhere else in the world on the tepuis.

There are 115 mountains of this type in the region of the Gran Sabana in the south-east of Venezuela, which has the highest concentration of tepuis. The most famous of them is Mount Roraima. The latter was unexplored until 1884. Today, the tepui is a popular destination for backpackers and has a good number of small waterfalls, natural pools lined with quartz and Punto Triple, the point where the borders Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana meet. It was explored by Robert Schomburgk whose expedition inspired the Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel The Lost World.

The other famous tepui is Auyantepui, from which fall the Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. Auyantepui is also the largest of the tepuis with an area of ​​700 km ².


How to Inspect Your Car Before Taking A Long Road Trip

When it comes to car inspection before a trip, you should definitely take your time to make sure everything is in proper working order. Remember, you may be on the road for 10 plus hours so it’s important to check out everything in regards to a possible car inspection. Here are some basics to make sure things do not go left field before you make your long term destination. And you can also learn more about car inspection from this site.

Check your fluids

This is very important. You want to ensure that everything from your oil and your coolant is on point. You don’t want leakage because that can lead to disastrous times down the road. You don’t want to enter a situation where the brake fluid is severely low and causes not only mechanical damage but can potentially get you in accident. Not only would this be a costly situation, you can get severely injured.

Check the air pressure

Always be cautious of your air pressure especially in regards to your tires. It’s a good to check your tires before your planned trip to make sure your tires don’t get blown. Also, you want to check the pressure of your spare tires. A smart move would be to hold a quarter down in the tread to see the visibility of the coin. If you cannot see the top of the head, it may be time to get your tires changed. Blown tires can be rather expensive and you don’t wanna take up so much room in your car to replace with a bunch of spares. It’s much better to go ahead and be on the safe side.

Make sure to get an oil change

If you are due for one in the near future, do it early to be safe than sorry. Much better for preventing leakage on long trips. It’s smarter than simply just adding new oil because the oil will not be clean. You want your ride to be as smooth as possible and save on your mileage as well. A proper vehicle inspection should most definitely include this because you need the proper fuel for your car to perform at its best.

Keep your car maintained

General vehicle inspection is extremely important as well. At the very least make sure all of your windows and your rear view mirror remain clean. You need to see where you are going and keep an eye out for blind spots. It would be horrible to go on a trip and your window does not go down or up. It’s a major inconvenience because you may have to rely solely on air conditioner which uses a lot of your car’s battery. Also, you want to make sure you car has a working GPS so you can go ahead and get to your destination with no problems. Also, it saves you from having to constantly look down at a map.

It’s very important to take the proper steps of maintaining your car in general. However, you want to make absolute sure that everything is above and beyond the protocol before going on a long road trip.

Where to go out in Sihanoukville?

Sihanoukville is a destination in southern Cambodia famous for its beaches and nightlife. Although it is far from the atmosphere of major Asian cities, you will find some places to go out and party in the evening and enjoy the beaches to relax during the day. There are some Bars in Sihanoukville and there are even a few casinos.


Sihanoukville is a city that knows how to party and it have no shortage of bars and nightclubs. Beaches Ochheutel Otres, Independence and Victory are lined with shacks seafood also officiate as bars. Ochheutel is by far the most hectic and there is always a bar open all night or a beach party. The best bars on this beach are Utopia, Monkey Republic, Big Easy and Dolphin Shack.

Off the beaches, there are several bars on Serendipity Beach Road as The Led Zephyr (one of the best pub and live music in the city) and some plazas near the large roundabout bars (Golden Lion Plaza and Sihanoukville Square).  Behind Victory Beach, there are a number of bars (music, sports, etc …) at the top of Victory Hill, some of which stay open until the wee hours of the morning. Finally, the city also has its share of establishments for a drink, including several late into the night, including Charlie Harper’s G’Day Mate

How to get to Sihanoukville?

From Phnom Penh, you will have to book a bus that will pick you up at your hotel and depart from the main bus station in the capital. The ride to Sihanoukville only cost you 4 to $ 6.

Bagan , A huge Buddhist Site in the central plain of Burma


Bagan is one of the most visited by tourists who venture into the land of golden pagodas cities. However, tourism in Burma is booming but it is the only country to successfully keep its authenticity unlike its neighboring countries. Bagan offers a true spectacle every hour of the day and offers superb and diverse landscapes.

Bagan, an archaeological site not to be missed

Of all the wonders evokes the cultural richness of Burma, one that attracts the most remains the plain of Bagan pagodas and 2000. Buddhism is completely embedded in the culture of the country, pagodas and giant Buddhas can also testify. Spread over more than 40 km ², the 4000 temples offer a surprising spectacle. For fans of morning walks, you can see the true applicant food in black vases before the statutes of Buddha. The majestic temple Ananda Pahto is a beauty unnamed impressed many a traveler on his way.

Welcome to paradise

You can make your bike tour or carriage on a minimum period of 3 days to not miss a crumb of this unique travel experience. At sunset, offer you the most beautiful sight: an orange light that reveals the shadows and contours on a forest of stupas and temples whose peaks exceed even the tallest trees. If you want a little adventure, agencies offer with pleasure of seeing all these pagodas from the sky, inside a hot air balloon. The view is amazing! You will feel an atmosphere of serenity that will immerse you in a state of relaxation while walking peacefully through the dirt roads.

If you are afraid of being bored to see pagodas, think again! This immense plain will not disappoint, as each has its own story pagoda. Do not hesitate to take a guide in arriving at the site because the prices are quite affordable and history worth.

Wedding Destination – Planning a Wedding in Vietnam

Planning a Wedding in Vietnam
Planning a Wedding in Vietnam

If you want a big wedding—a ceremony that will be etched in the minds of friends and family forever, Vietnam is the place for you! A wedding in Vietnam is quite different than anywhere else in the world. It’s not just a one day ceremony; it’s a huge celebration of a young couples love. While most cultures view marriage as an important and sacred event, Vietnamese go two steps further and parties like it’s the only holiday in existence!

The first event to plan is the engagement party. If you are from out of the country this celebration would be best held in your native land, since the engagement party is usually held six months before the wedding.

Next is your wedding dress. Many Vietnamese brides wear multiple gowns on the day of their wedding: a traditional dress or Ao Dai for the ceremony, and a western dress for the reception. Usually found in red or pink, an Ao Dai is made of silk and very modest. This dress has Buddhist roots, but many Christians still opt for it because of its beauty and tradition. In local ceremonies, the groom arrives at the bride’s house and “buys” her from her parents with many red covered trays bearing gifts like betel nuts, fruit, sweets, and a pig. If yours will be a destination wedding, however, these traditions can either be dispensed with or preformed at the church or the wedding venue of your choice.

The site is usually decorated in every way imaginable. Bright colors rule the day as a way to mirror the happiness of the couple. Often Lion Dancers as well as Pyrotechnicians are hired as part of the festivities.

Hiring a wedding band shouldn’t be a problem since Vietnam is such a music-oriented country. Their wedding music in particular is very beautiful. Ask locals who their favorite wedding band is, but also make sure to listen to them yourself. You don’t want any surprises on your special day! Get wedding music you can get excited about! Learn more why your wedding should have a wedding band here.

The reception is really when Vietnamese weddings outshine every other country. All the guests who were not considered close enough to attend the ceremony are asked to the reception. “Vietnam time” can be confusing. Fifteen minutes late is early, an hour late is “on time”.

This culture definitely enjoys good food and drink, and they expect to get it at an occasion such as this. They traditionally toast between the second and third drink by shouting “Mot! Hai! Ba! Vo!” This phrase means, “One! Two! Three! In!” Next, bring on the food! 7-10 courses is the norm and make sure more than half of those courses contain meat! This may seem extreme to an outsider but perfectly expected in Vietnam. If you have moral objections about eating meat and do not wish there to be any on the menu, mention that fact in your invitations.

The last thing you need to know about planning a wedding in Vietnam is to have fun! At the end of your crazy day, all you’ll remember is your friends and family. Love speaks the same language and knows no cultural boundaries. Enjoy planning one of the biggest moments of your life!!!

What is the cheapest city to travel in South America?

South America and Central America are hotspots for backpackers seeking adventure without spending much money. But with so much to see, how to choose his starting point? Price of Travel has released its 2014 Backpacker Index this week, describing the cheapest cities for travelers on a budget.  Thinking outside the box is also a good way to reduce costs. Use one of these cities as a base and explore the surrounding areas is the ideal way to discover these two “continents” in budget mode. Here are the Top 10 cheapest cities below!


1. La Paz, Bolivia

Daily Backpacker Index: € 16.27 / day
La Paz amaze you, not only because of its high altitude. With an offset, beautiful landscapes and many markets, museums and neighborhoods to explore culture, La Paz has a lot to offer.

2. Quito, Ecuador

Daily Backpacker Index: € 16.31 / day
Ecuador is constantly nice and warm, ensuring a perfect backdrop for adventure. Explore both the picturesque and historic “Old Town”, and the most boisterous and modern parts of the “new town”.

3. Cuzco, Peru

Daily Backpacker Index: € 19.78 / day
Cuzco is traditionally the place where people stay before heading to Machu Picchu. And if you go to Peru, you have to go to Machu Picchu! But do not you just go through Cuzco. This is a great place to relax, explore churches, ruins and museums, and experience a city often overlooked.

4. Panama City, Panama

Daily Backpacker Index: € 20.28 / day
The popularity of the city of Panama has recently increased enormously, thanks to its status as urban center and its excellent proximity to beautiful beaches. It is the most cosmopolitan city in the region, so there is no shortage here of bars, restaurants, night life and shopping

5.Lima, Peru

Daily Backpacker Index: € 22.90 / day
Lima is a city full of surprises. Its colonial architecture and museums transport visitors to another time, while its modern nightlife and shops make it a contemporary city. Lima is also wonderland for foodies, so come hungry there.

6. San José, Costa Rica

Daily Backpacker Index: € 23.33 / day
Costa Rica is generally a great place for budget travelers who are careful not to fall into the tourist traps. San Jose is the largest city in the country. Find interesting museums, parks and architecture before moving to coastal areas.

7. Mexico City, Mexico

Daily Backpacker Index: € 24.02 / day
Despite the fact that Mexico is not really in Central America, Price of Travel has included in their ranking as the Mexican capital tends to be the point of departure or arrival for long journeys across Central America.

8. Montevideo, Uruguay

Daily Backpacker Index: € 24.91 / day
The capital of Uruguay is a vibrant and eclectic place. The historic district of downtown industrial port, or to the suburbs seafront, Montevideo contains many things to see.

9. Santiago, Chile

Daily Backpacker Index: € 26.72 / day
Surrounded by mountains, Santiago is the perfect place to refuel urban life with a multitude of outdoor adventures just nearby. The town itself offers a culinary and art scene booming, while the mountains attract hikers, cyclists, skiers and thrill seekers of all kinds.

10. Cartagena, Colombia

Daily Backpacker Index: € 27.17 / day
Cartagena is a folk and romantic city that is full of life. Stroll the cobblestone streets, relax in a beer garden and enjoy the vibrancy of the city.

The rest of the Backpacker Index 2014

11. Antigua, Guatemala
12. Buenos Aires, Argentina
13. San Pedro, Belize
14. Roatán, Honduras
15. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16. Caracas, Venezuela

Things to do while traveling in Bolivia

Far from mass tourism, Bolivia is an unknown destination travelers. However, this is probably the most authentic South American countries. Shared between the Amazon and the Andes, this mosaic country, home to dozens of ethnic groups, has a unique landscape and cultural heritage. Focusing on 10 major destinations in Bolivia.

1. La Paz

The capital of Bolivia, nestled in a canyon at the foot of the Andes, is surprising. Traditional markets which spread through the streets of the old town and the houses clinging to the sides of the slopes compete with the modernity and dynamism of the metropolis. Killi Killi Mirador, located on the heights of La Paz, offers a nice panorama view over the capital. About fifteen miles away, lies the Valley of the Moon: strange craters and carved columns formed by the weathering of rocks invite the traveler to think he left Earth.

Dominating the town, the Cordillera, majestic snowcapped mountain range, offers many excursions in an absolutely exceptional design and is a paradise for trekkers.

2. Lake Titicaca

Mythical place of the Andes, Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world. It is here that the Incas were born or Tiwanaku civilizations. This mecca of Andean culture has several islands and archaeological sites that reflect the heritage of the region. A walk around the lake can enjoy the beauty of the place, with the clear waters of the lake and the beautiful light that is reflected.

3. Sajama National Park

Farther south lies the Sajama National Park, which was first established in Bolivia. It houses the eponymous volcano, the country’s highest peak, as well as many natural treasures, such as geysers, hot springs and small traditional villages.

4. Uyuni  Salar

The largest salt desert in the world is a mandatory visit for any trip to Bolivia. These vast expanses white to almost 4,000 m above sea level, offers an absolutely amazing show. In this region are also present geysers, volcanoes, lakes and picturesque villages. The Inca Huasi Island, with its giant cacti, offers a quite remarkable panorama on the salar and Tunupa volcano.

5. The region of Lipez and jewels Route

This area hides many wonders: near volcanoes and colorful mountains are beautiful lagoons, each more beautiful than the other. Because their variety is such that it is impossible to get bored: Laguna Colorada is dazzling with its waters stained red, while the gray waters of the Laguna Honda are surrounded by a sandy beach. Other regional attractions include three species of flamingo, it is possible to observe in their natural habitat.

6. Potosi

Potosi has a heavy heritage: its rich past, the time of the Spanish colony, comes from the exploitation of the largest silver mine in the world. This place was so theater exploitation of Indians and slaves from the triangular trade, which enabled the enrichment of the Spanish crown. Today, the colonial legacy is still very present, since it is possible to visit many colonial and religious buildings. The silver mines are now dry but there extract tin. When visitors come, it is customary to go before the market for minors to buy them some gifts, such as coca leaves or cool drinks.

7. Sugar

Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia, it was the cradle of the revolution and independence was signed in the Casa de la Libertad in 1825. This pretty white city is also home to an important colonial heritage, which justified its inclusion in cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO). Here we find a place to live and visit. Sugar is also known as the Eternal City in the spring.

8. Torotoro Park

Created in 1989 to protect the Ara red front, a species of parrot endangered, Park Torotoro home to beautiful landscapes. It enjoys beautiful views of the mountains and colorful medium is the natural habitat of many animals, such as the puma or the Andean cat. A special feature of this park is that it retains footprints and dinosaur fossils, making it an ideal place for paleontologists worldwide. A milestone in this park heart stroke!

9. Santa Cruz and the Jesuit missions

Towards the Amazon, to discover the region of Santa Cruz, to the west of the country. It is here, from the seventeenth century, the Jesuit missions were founded. They are now listed as a whole World Heritage Site and an important legacy for Bolivia. Indeed, the Jesuit missionaries settled in the region in order to evangelize the Indians, but they also gave them their much knowledge in the field of architecture, music, agriculture and participated in the establishment an economic and social order. Jesuit missions are therefore evidence of the legacy of European expertise in Bolivia, contributing to the creation of a mestizo culture.

This area also houses the Amboró Park, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This tour offers total immersion in nature, between rivers, waterfalls and natural pools, all in the midst of a dense tropical vegetation.

10. Tarija and the Wine Route

The Tarija region, south of the country to discover the wine route and Bolivian raw, rich flavors, and the quality continues to improve. This epicurean break is followed by a visit to the beautiful city of Tarija, which is reminiscent of an Andalusian city. Its colonial architecture and its river Guadalquivir, the same name as the Andalusian river are far from the clichés of the Bolivian city.

Travel with Private Jet in Vietnam

Travel with private jet in Vietnam. This country is a lush oasis of beauty and you can see it all on private jet transportation tours. Leave the concerns of airport scheduling and lost luggage. Your private jet charter moves at your pace. Travel with kitchen, telephone, television and computer services at your disposal. Learn more how charter flights are more cost effective than commercial flights here.


Services are available in Vietnam through, Stratos jet charters, Tan Son Nhat and Danang Intl Private Flight service and others. Board a private aircraft charter and experience the leisure of no lines, no crowds and impeccable service at every destination. Food is prepared and passengers are able to keep luggage in sight. Passengers load in a different area of the airport and are not bothered by crowds. Make stops at your chosen destination even those not on the itinerary. Experience the world, only private jet travel can offer. Travel with an onboard chef and crew, there to see to your every comfort.

People aboard a flight are a part of a chosen group. The amenities on board flight are prearranged and the guests decide upon any stops or scheduling. Aircraft charter offers a new flexibility in flying. This is a great way to take a vacation for groups, getting them to their destination with no stops and no routine airport frustrations.

If traveling for business a private aircraft charter is the best way to save time and money. Get more accomplished and stay rested while doing it. The flight will provide added time to go over client options or to map out strategies needed for a meeting. Once finished with business there may be time for some leisure. A flight saves on driving time and prevents the expense of hotels and added meals that may filter into the cost when getting to a destination a day early may be required. This often happens with early morning meetings.

Private charter crafts are certainly a step up from commercial. No one ask you to remove shoes and they do not scan you with a wand or do other invasive processes. Private planes are a preferable way to fly and the plane does not take off if you are delayed. A private jet charter is at your disposal, not the clocks.

Take a tour in a beautiful Boeing 757 that accommodates 78 guests. Schedules are designed to give clients every advantage in private jet travel, however, the smaller the plane the longer the flight time. In the matter of passenger legroom, a private plane has lots of space. Passenger can walk around, have dinner, watch television and talk on the phone. This level of flying is nothing but luxury.

Private jet charter offer clients flights out of airports throughout Vietnam. Service is convenient and gives passengers the courtesy they deserve. This is not only for the rich since it is one of the most cost efficient ways to fly. Arrival times are better and the impression left with a client is only confidence in the ability of a business to manage its assets.

Trained pilots shuttle passengers across Vietnam. A private plane is available to fit the size of any group, turboprops, medium and heavy and private helicopters. Pack your luggage and spend time scampering over the beautiful hills and valleys of Vietnam. Fly to less traveled destinations and enjoy exclusive rewards. Before arrival, transportation to hotels or other destinations can be set up, improving convenience.

Key Steps of What to Do After a Car Accident in Vietnam

It’s important to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to driving in a different country. For a foreigner who’s not used to driving in a place like Vietnam, it may be in your best interest to take alternative methods of transportation. In a city with a crazy record of road accidents, you should try to avoid it if you can. However, if you do end up driving, please take extreme caution. Here are a few things you should do in case you do get into an accident. You can also learn about car accident case from this case .

One of the first things to do is to alert the police and insurance company immediately. You never know how serious it can be until it gets to that point. You may look fine on the outside but you could have whiplash from the collision which may cause you to feel quite drowsy in a concussive state. A police officer can arrange for a ride to the hospital whether the injury is minor or major. It’s also important to get in touch with the insurer because he can measure the extent of the damages. Also, he’ll find who’s at fault so one is mainly responsible for paying the damages. It may be wise to look through car accident lawyers. You should always find solid car accident lawyers to help you in your case.

Medical bills can get quite expensive especially when you have a lawyer for your court case. It’s also important to hire quality personal injury lawyers who will do everything to make sure you collect on the damages. These personal injury lawyers can fight for your case so you don’t have to receive the added burden of tremendous medical bills.

Make sure you provide the following information: your name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and even insurance information to the police. If you can also get that information from the driver who caused the accident, it’ll definitely be helpful to your case. Also, you should file a police report on what happened so you have a written and even audio testament of what occurred. This way you can have it on record when you make claims with the insurance company. Be as thorough as possible so you have a better chance of collecting. Also, it helps solve the mystery on your end and keeps you from paying an astronomical amount of money. The information you provide should include a driver’s license, vehicle registration, police report and photos of the scene especially the damages done to the car.

In the situation of a car accident, you really need to be as detailed as possible from your perspective. This way you have a better chance of getting the insurance claim. Be aware of the rules and regulations regarding accidents in Vietnam. If you are just going to the country on a vacation, it may be wise to just stay off the road until you get more familiar with the way the traffic moves. This will help you ensure a safer and more enjoyable trip in Vietnam.


How to Avoid Bedbugs While Traveling in Vietnam

A bedbug is a brown insect which can grow to a size of up to 7 mm. A span of 15 minutes is enough for one bedbug to suck blood which can add up to four times of its body weight. Their flat bodies are adapted to hide in the tiniest cracks that your furniture can have. What attracts them to human beings is warmth and carbon dioxide that is given out in exhalation.


It is estimated that one bedbug can lay about 300 eggs in 2 months. Their bites cause allergies and irritations as well as vast psychological torture on the victim.

For someone to be able to avoid bedbugs in Vietnam, you need to know how you can detect their infestation in your environment. Here are just but a few tactics. You can also read more tips from this post.

o          Be sure to check any termite inspections reports or reviews of the hotels or hostels that you intend to stay in. Be precise in knowing if there has been any bedbug invasion in the recent past and which pest control measures were taken.

o          Do not place your bags on bed at arrival. This will make the eggs attach to your bags without your knowledge.

o          Start by doing some self termite inspections. Inspect the pillows and sheets of your bed. Get to the mattress and check if there will be any bedbug. You should be very keen because the pests which you are looking for are tiny.

o          After that get to the frame of the bed. Besides looking for these creatures in the gaps of your bed, check if there are black marks which resemble ink dots. This is the common appearance of the fecal matter that comes from bedbugs.

o          These creatures will be fast enough to escape your eye. The best advisable thing to do is to note the things they leave behind and use them as your guides.

o          A bedbug is also known to shed its skin after a single feeding session. These can as well be a thing to observe.

o          A smell of a rotting thing is an indication of massive infestation.

o          With any sign of those listed above, you do not need to break a bone looking for any bedbug. You will easily locate one or more in that bed frame.

You might find it being a bit difficult to get a refund from most of budget hotels that you will get in Vietnam, but that lose will not be an enough reason to put you through the pains of bedbug bites and fighting the pests for months ahead. The best way to go about this would be paying for a single night and then prolonging your stay once you are certain of what the condition looks like.

In case you did not get any, be on the lookout at all times. If you spot any unusual bite, let the hostel or hotel authorities know. A pest control step should be taken immediately. If you will decide to leave that place, ensure that you wash everything that you have and dry it at a place where high temperatures will facilitate the drying. This helps in killing any egg that would have attached itself on your belongings.

Good plans and duty free shopping of airport terminals

Airports are always full with an increasingly impressive year on year passenger flows. We already talked about the traffic figures in the world to explain the number of travelers is enormous. And as you are part of (statistically), you should know that you will spend a few hours in airports worldwide. But what to do in an airport? Wait, eat, connect to internet, and many other things? Yes, but if there’s one thing you need to enjoy it is to shop! Here are the best airports for shopping!

Dubai International Airport

With 5,400 square meters of commercial space, Sheikh Rashid terminal looks just like a mall. Travelers will find a wide selection of open day and night, 7 days a week stores.

Amsterdam airport

Amsterdam has the best airport in Europe when it comes to bargains. Shops Schiphol indeed offers their products from 10 to 35% cheaper than other airports.

Hong Kong International Airport

With over 250 stores, this international center enables travelers to shop among the world’s most prestigious brands including Chanel, Armani and Cartier, to name a few. That travelers are interested in fashion, jewelry, household items or high-tech products, they are sure to enjoy their stopover at Hong Kong airport.

Heathrow Airport, London

With nearly 100 stores, Heathrow offers a wide range of products, particularly upscale. The airport, which has even more shops famous London store Harrods, has been named as the “best airport for shopping in the world” in 2013 by Skytrax.

Changi Airport, Singapore

The airport, one of the most modern and prestigious in the world, is regularly listed among the nicest places in the world to fly. This year it was even named “Airport of the Year 2013 ‘in the World Airport Awards, awarded by international travelers on the basis of votes. About shopping, the airport has more than 300 shops and there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

Halong Bay from one to several days

Halong Bay
Halong Bay

The vast majority of tourists to Halong Bay access it by booking a tour through one of the many, many travel agencies based in Hanoi. These are mainly clustered around the Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter, and offer services ranging from cheap to absolutely chic.It is difficult to say with certainty what agencies are trustworthy, given the “wild” of the tourism industry in Vietnam. Be aware that you can try to reduce intermediate visiting Halong Bay independently.

Halong bay cruise Vietnam

To visit Ha Long Bay, you’re spoiled for choice: you can opt for a cruise on the bay a few hours or several nights including overnight on board in a cabin on a cruise tourism activities outdoors in the vicinity of the Bay (kayak, visit floating villages, caves, etc …), and a night in a hotel on the island of Cat Ba. Your choices are limited only by your budget.

Bottom line: between $ 25 and $ 50 (per person), you can make a day trip on the bay, which generally include the following conditions / activities:

travel to / by minibus or bus from Hanoi to Halong Bay;
a four-hour ride by boat around Halong Bay;
lunch on the boat, and
the judgment to a floating fishing village and a cave on an island in Halong Bay.

Premium: one or more nights cruise from $ 100 per person. This typically includes:

minibus from your hotel in Hanoi to go and return;
overnight aboard a luxury passenger boat with lunch included;
outdoor activities like kayak rides, caving and cycling (ask your agent what your cruise includes), and
services of an English speaking guide
if you stay more than 1 night accommodation in a resort in Cat Ba Island will be included

Consider the seasons:

As for everything else, you get what you pay … more you pay dearly, plus your trip on the bay will be complete and well supplied. Prices also vary depending on the season: high season for Halong Bay is between July and August (the price will be very high during this period). Tours of the bay are the cheapest in the low season from November to March.

The pros and cons of book directly to your hotel

Almost all hotels in Hanoi, from the hostel shabby chic French Quarter hotel, offering tours of Halong Bay. The same rules apply but with less certainty as hotels tend to outsource these services to third-party travel agencies, you have less control over what you choose, while paying more for their services .

So choose wisely: your tour of Halong Bay is the image of the hotel where you book (although this is not guaranteed). However, you are more likely to have the bus pick you up at your hotel.If you have a small budget, you’d better go in a specialized travel agency.

Some tips for your reservation on Halong Bay

Important rules to remember: ask about this before your trip inclusion, not after. Do not assume that something is part of the package just because you paid a more expensive ticket. An unexpected kayak activity on the boat can cost more than $ 50 per person as described in this site, and you’d be disappointed (e) not to do it.

Learn about the food and drinks on board. A beer or a can of Coke can return to $ 2 on the boat. The meals may not please you or to be insufficient. Well ask what is included in your ticket for not knowing surprises.

Also ask if a bus will pick you up at your hotel to go and drop you off at home. Possible, especially in the Hoan Kiem district.

Finally, remember that your turn is not refundable. If the weather is rotten, your agency may cancel the visit of the bay without you back your money. You are warned!

Remember that it is also possible to book well in advance (before leaving for Vietnam) a luxury cruise on Halong Bay. Minh Anh  offers a 2 days cruise from Hanoi with transport included. Click the link  to see the details of this cruise

What You Need To Know About Vietnam Tour Operators



If you want to know what to look for in good tour operators in Vietnam , take a few tips in how to tell the good tour operators from the bad ones:

One of the first things you should look for is tour operators who are very familiar with the area where you plan to travel. Many people prefer to take tours because they are unfamiliar with a country where they are going as well as the customs. Good tour operators have been to the country and know the vietnamese local customs. They will be able to guide you through your trip and will answer any of your questions.

Another thing you need to look for is local vietnamese tour operators who are reputable in the business. Look for those who have been in business for a while and have received a good reputation. You can read reviews about different tour operators in order to find those that people were happy using. You are going to want to find tour operators who will be able to answer all of your questions and do everything that they can in order to make your trip more pleasant.

Good tour operators will not charge any hidden fees when it comes to the tour. Be sure that you know all of the fees up front before you sign up for any tour. They should also be able to deliver what they promise. If you are looking for a off beaten track tour in Vietnam, they have to find out a good tour that match your demand, example a cruise in Lan Ha bay in  a private boat far away from tourists places! Most good tour operators have connections that they can use in the travel industry to make sure that they get you the best rates when it comes to accommodations, air travel and any travel to and from attractions.

Using discount tour operators is usually a disappointment for people who are looking for a way to spend their holiday. In many cases, these tour operators book rooms in hotels that are second rate and off the beaten path. They may not have everything organized for the trip and be unable to answer any questions. When you are looking for a Vietnam tour operator for your trip, look for those that have been in the industry for along period of time and have built up a good reputation. Also be sure that they are familiar with the area where you are traveling and that they can answer any questions, including those about cost that you ask. The difference between good tour operators and bad ones can make the difference between a good vacation and one where you cannot wait to get home.

Top 5 places to visit / things to do in Lima

Here are my Top 5 places to visit / things to do in Lima !

1.Go at Place d’Armes or Plaza Mayor: we see the Government Palace , the Cathedral and the famous taste of the ham sandwich Cordano opened in 1905 and declared as a historic monument . This small restaurant had welcomed the great politicians and all Peruvian presidents (because of its proximity to the Government Palace ) .

 things to do in Lima
things to do in Lima

2.Visit the catacombs of San Francisco are located in the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi built in 1546. Through several underground corridors , there are about 25,000 burials (estimated at 70,000 by some historians ) . I admit, it was a stroke of heart (at the risk of sounding creepy ) , this is the kind of place that transports us into a film Indiana Jones 😉

3.Go to the Plaza San Martin is one of the most beautiful squares in Lima. Founded in honor of the independence of Peru , there is a monument in the center in honor of General Jose de San Martin and surrounded by several buildings of the nineteenth century , including the famous Hotel Bolivar ( one opportunity to taste the pisco sour which was the most prestigious of the city at a time . )

4.Walk along the coast of Miraflores and Barranco very charming neighborhood , then watch the sun set over the Pacific, in love or not. Can take the opportunity to wander LarcoMar , this commercial center of Miraflores with shops, cafes, bars , restaurants, cinema on the cliff (well it is for the rich to Lima, then the price comes with , but it is interesting to discover ) . And as to be in Miraflores, you can visit the Huaca Pucllana , this resort adobe built there 1500 years and dinner on the terrace of the adjacent restaurant admiring the site illuminated at night.

5.Have a breakfast in Haiti Café: located across from Parque Kennedy in Miraflores, this is probably the best known coffee Lima . Open since 1962 , it has hosted many politicians and intellectuals. A few blocks from the park, we walk to the Mercado de surquillo where you find all the products of the country, jungle fruit ( tip if you want to taste the gastronomy of the jungle to Lima : El Aguajal restaurant), apples land of the Andes and fish and seafood from the coast ! A good overview of the richness of Peruvian products . And if you still doubt … Casa de la gastronomia is a new museum showcasing Peruvian food since pre-Columbian times !

Top 7 places to visit in Canada

I feel so relieved and thrilled since in a weeks’ time I will be visiting my childhood friend who lives in Canada. Moreover I’m also excited with the trip because I’ve never been to a place so far away from home.

As soon as I got down from the flight and looked around, I noticed that Canada is a beautiful country with its lush greenery, and is a hospitable place to visit, “My buddy could be living in a small haven” I thought. After a few minutes, I met my good buddy, he warmly welcomed me, and so as to keep his promise, he immediately gave me a touring guidebook that listed the top 7 places to visit in Canada. This is because he wanted me to choose the one that catches my eye the most, so that we can go visiting the day that followed. I was excited! Here are the some of the most exciting places that I thought were worth visiting, I was even spoilt for choice!


1. Pacific Rim National Park, B.C

Pacific Rim National park is backed by mountain ranges, and it faces Pacific Ocean at the tip of Vancouver Island, it has a rich natural and cultural heritage. This park houses one of the Canada’s most popular hiking trails, known as the West Coast Trail. It is a long, sandy beaches as well as a rainforest with an overall laid-back charm.

2. Prince Edward Island

The green pastures plus the exceptional red-soil cliff, makes this island an incredible destination for tourists and visitors who are just looking for some cool relaxation time or rather a fun day at the beach. Why I liked it most, it is because; you can take a car and ride it all around in just a day.

3. Ottawa, Ontario

Who wouldn’t like to visit any foreign country capital city? This was actually my first choice. It is located at the confluence of the Ottawa, Rideau and Gatineau rives in the south-eastern part, Ontario, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and a great place to indulge into Canadian culture. There are so many world class museums, parks and bike paths that make summer outdoors fun. The winters aren’t that depressing either.

4. Niagara Falls

I chose this as my number one place of visit. The Niagara Falls is a series of three awesome inspiring waterfalls that is situated on the borders of Canada’s Ontario and the USA city, New York. Although many people refer to it as the honeymoon capital of the whole universe, I read somewhere that, in recent years it has developed as a favorite place for family vacation and for adventure seekers.

5. Banff National Park

This is a tiny mountain town which is a place for both nature lovers and luxury seekers. It is simply a place of waterfalls, electric blue glacial lakes and a lot of wildlife. There, visitors canspend their days hiking before retiring to one of the several opulent hotels for some spa therapy.

6. Quebec City

This city is the capital city of the Quebec province located in the eastern part of Canada. It has a French heritage; architecture and language that make it appear like a small charming European village. The city has a particular icon, known as the Chateau Frontenac, which is regarded as the most photographed hotel in North America; it offers tours even with a single stay all night.

 7. Victoria

Victoria is rated as The Top Island in both US and Canada and as one of the Top 10 islands in the world. Victoria is a gateway to all wonderful towns, coves, inlets and the Pacific Ocean scenery best known as the Vancouver Island.

I finally settled to visit all destinations, after all I had all the time in the world. I had an amazing tour in Canada.

Author Bio:

This post is contributed by Eric Dunes a passionate blogger from Manchester. He is fond of writing guest post on various health niches. He works for Turkish visa and advices to use this service for managing health expenses with ease.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions in South Africa

Most Popular Tourist Attractions in South Africa

Located at the southernmost region of Africa, South Africa is blessed with a long coastline. It has great natural wealth and breathtaking landscapes, which offer a wide variety of activities and numerous opportunities for people around the world to come and have a different experience on holidays.

The country has numerous travel attractions and destinations for travelers to visit. The capital city is Pretoria, which is also an important industrial center. It is home to the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, which also serves as the national zoo for the country. Among major travel cities include Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Sun City.

  • Kruger National Park: It is one of the most popular South Africa attractions, and also one of the premier safari destinations in the world. It offers a variety of safaris. For example, honeymooners can go on a romantic safari. There are also family safaris and safaris that cater to travelers taking flights to South Africa for a luxury holiday experience. All these safaris provide tourists with the opportunity to observe the Big Five – elephants, rhinoceros, lions, leopards and buffalos.
  • Cape Town: Probably the most popular tourist attractions in South Africa are located in Cape Town, which is known for its beaches and Table Mountain, the latter of which is among the best places to see in the country. It provides breathtaking views over the city and the oceanfront. Among other attractions in the city include forests, lakes, lagoons, waterways, rivers, natural theme parks and many scenic places. Moreover, there exist many wine tours, such as the Cape Wine land, which also offers a wine tasting opportunity.
  • Mpumalanga: During South Africa holidays, you can’t miss to see the many beautiful waterfalls, most of which are found in Mpumalanga. Included among the most popular tourists attractions in South Africa are the Bridal Veil Falls, the spectacular Berlin Falls, the unusual-looking Horseshoe Falls and the 92-metre high Lisbon Falls, the last of which is the highest waterfall in Mpumalanga. Other scenic falls can be found in KwaZulu Natal and the Drakensberg mountains.
  • Gold Reef City: Find a hidden gem during South Africa holidays at Gold Reef City, which is a great choice for tourists with kids and families. Located just outside of Johannesburg, the theme park is intended to give you a nostalgic feel of the old mining town. However, children will not miss to enjoy the thrilling roller coasters during the trip. There are rides for small children as well as big ones. Some highlights include run-away train, giant wheel, Miner’s revenge, Raging River Rapids, the River Ride and Anaconda. The Tower of Terror is designed to test the nerve of those children who are always up for adventure and real challenges.
  • The Cradle of Humankind: Among the most popular tourist attractions in South Africa include the Cradle of Humankind, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is regarded as one of the largest and most impressive fossil sites in the world. Travelers can find here more than three dozen fossil-bearing caves, the most famous of which is the Sterkfontein Cave.

Denali State Park

Denali state park is a well-known state park in the U.S state of Alaska. It is an integral part of one of North America’s most fabulous regions. If you are adventurous and want to explore American wilderness, Denali state park is the perfect destination for you. The state park is surrounded by scenic vistas and wildlife spotting.

The park is named after Denali because it is located in the heart of this curved mountain range. Denali is the highest peak in North America. The term Denali means “the high one” in local Athabascan dialect. Officially the mountain is called or termed as Mt. McKinley. Denali is the tallest mountain in the world. This park is one of the most visited national parks in the state.

Denali State Park Location

Denali state park is located 100 air miles North of Anchorage and is separated roughly in half by the George Parks Highways, the main road link between Anchorage and Fair banks.

Denali State Park Map Picture Picture 1 – Denali State Park Map

Denali State Park Direction

You can reach by car as there is one road entrance to Denali. The road entrance is 240 miles north of Anchorage, and is 12 miles south of Healy. You can also reach by train. Alaska’s railroad connects anchorage to Fairbanks and then runs directly through the entrance of Denali.

Air travel is also accessible for you. Boarding a flight to Anchorage or Fairbank is the easiest way to reach your destination. In summer season, variety of private buses and van services are there to help you out.

Denali National Park History

Denali state park is comprised of two worlds; the raw alpine region of the high mountains and the tundra covered lowlands. This is the first national park to be established in Alaska. It was in the year 1980 that seven other parks were established by the Alaska National Interest Lands Act. The highest and the most rugged peaks in Denali Park are carved from granite rocks. The park covers 325, 240 acre of the land.

Surrounding the park is the Alaska Range that includes countless mountains and glaciers. A visit to this park will help you have an unforgettable experience. Whether one is interested in watching the caribou migration or climbing mount Denali, you can experience all these by visiting the zoo.

Denali State Park Image

Picture 2 – Denali State Park

 Denali State Park Activities

The park offers many exciting ways to explore its unique environment. One should never miss the chance to visit Kantishna Wilderness Trails Tour. This mainly encompasses 90 miles of the Denali park road. Kantishna wilderness tour is a wilderness bus excursion. It almost takes 12-13 hours to reach kantishna. The spot allows a full view of the Mt. McKinley. Black dear, grizzly, moose, wolf and many more habitats are seen here. The historic mining town of kantishna is just amazing.

Because of unpredictable weather, it is advised to dress in layers, as that will help you to stay warm and dry. Your walking shoes should be comfortable enough so that you can have a comfortable journey.

The tundra wilderness tour is an excellent way to spot the wildlife of Alaska. The spot is famous for its wildlife habitats. The tour allows one to explore the wildlife in park along with the historical and geographical background of the area. Rest spots are made and a light snack with hot beverage is provided. The morning tours depart between 5.30 am to 7.30 am. Vouchers must be purchased in advance.

Denial State Park WildlifeDenali State Park Wildlife Photo

The wildlife in Denial Park is amazing. Visitors get a chance to explore the wildlife in a better way. The park’s varied landscape is home to diverse array of wildlife. Moose, bears are seen throughout the park. Wolf’s are frequently seen throughout the park. Apart from the wolf, one can also see red fox, coyote, snowshoe hare, and many more.

Picture 3 – Denali State Park Wildlife

Among all the animals, bears are dangerous. It is advised to not approach wild animals closely. Birds are also seen and most of the birds migrate long distances to frequent the park. You will enjoy watching them. Water birds such as fish eating osprey, swan, etc. are also to be seen here. Fishing in Denali’s clear streams is a great delight for the visitors.

Denali State Park Accommodation

Lodging in Denali Park is quite comfortable. Because of its interior location, visitors can have two or three night stay in the park. Whole lots of lodging options are located close to the park entrance. The state park provides great lodging facilities.Picture of Denali State Park Accommodation

Denali Bluffs hotel will surely make your stay comfortable.  The lodge features restaurants, bar, gift shop, luxurious rooms, shuttle transportation and so on.

Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge is the ideal spot to relax. Not only the lodge is luxurious but is also very near about from the park entrance. Most of the park tours and activities depart from the Denali princess lodge.

Picture 4 – Denali State Park Accommodation

Planning a trip to Denali state park will surely help you have an amazing experience. Arrange a trip soon and explore the scenic beauty of Texas.

Contact Details

Denali State Park, Alaska

HC 32, Box 6706

Telephone – (907)745 3975,

Fax – (907) 745 0938

The Gloss of Mayfair

Mayfair district is named after the annual fortnight-long May Fair that took place in this area in 1686. The Fair was banned in 1764 because the well-to-do residents of the area felt it ‘lowered the tone’ of the neighbourhood.

Mayfair was traditionally bordered by Hyde Park to the west, Oxford Street to the north, Piccadilly to the south and Bond Street to the east, although the eastern boundary has been stretched in recent years to Regent Street. Built as a market area, now it has been turned into one of the most luxurious areas in the world. It has become an attractive location away from the City of London for private banks, hedge funds and wealth managers.

Millions of tourists visit Mayfair every year. Once captured by its magnificence they do not want to leave it. There are hotels in Mayfair , which will make every woman feel like Cinderella and every man like the Frog Prince. Their splendor cannot be described in words, it has to be seen. Of course, being so luxurious and glossy, Mayfair hotels are also appropriate for accommodation for business travelers. Making a good impression is very important when you are meeting your future associates for the first time, so why not make one of these splendid hotels your business card. Such a prestigious place will always be a benefit for you. Not only this, but these fascinating hotels offer their guest a variety of delicious meals prepared by some of the best chefs in the world, and a lot of additional services, which will only increase the pleasure of your stay.

Sightseeing in Belfast

Belfast – the capital city of Northern Ireland. Have you ever considered visiting this wonderful city? Do you still wonder where to take your family for the next weekend? If you haven’t decided yet, then read on.

Belfast is the perfect destination for a family holiday. The city is not that big, calm and you will not get bored, because there are a lot of places which you can visit and shoot some photos. If you want to teach your children something about Britain’s history and culture, or to enrich your knowledge, then go sightseeing in Belfast. The city offers a large range of historical and cultural attractions, built in different architectural styles, from Edwardian, through Victorian, to modern style.

Some of the most popular attractions in the city are the Belfast Castle, the Ulster Museum, Albert Memorial Clock, Victoria Square Shopping Centre, the City Hall, the Waterfront Hall, the Lanyon Building of Queen’s University and a lot more. These landmarks, as well as the numerous places for food and beverage, and the spectacular Belfast park and fly hotels, have made of Northern Ireland’s capital the perfect place for tourism. In 2009 the American travel guidebook series, Frommer’s, have listed Belfast as the only destination in the UK in its Top 12 Destinations to Visit in 2009.

Did I manage to intrigue you? If I did, then don’t waste time. Book a room in a Belfast park and fly hotel and go to have some good time with your family.

Travelling to Ucraina and Looking for brides in Odessa ?

Odessa is a gracious city of Ukraine, which is located on the seaside of the Black Sea. Odessa is one of the most unusual ukrainian city, which has unique sights and important historical places. Odessa is also  the biggest seaport in Ukraine.

Many hundreds guests from other cities and countries go to Odessa constantly. The other Odessa pride are pretty Odessa girls and women. If you dream to meet magnetic unmarried Odessa women and girls –you can find many good websites for you. The various marriage online services will support you to meet the beauteous alone Odessa brides which are looking for love and family happienes. All visitors of our site lonely foreign men and lonely Odessa women who dream to meet the perfect pair and to create a happy strong family. If you decide to make a visit to Odessa to have a little rest, you need the place to stay for some period.

Rental  apartment in Odessa are well-designed, cozy and safe. In every Odessa apartments you can find all needful for cozy residence. Odessa short-term rent apartments is simple, reliable and economical. If you wish to reside in comfortable Odessa hotels, you have the opportunity to recieve full helpful information about the hotels in Odessa and book the room in many websites. You can rent a pick-up service. If you demand a taxi from\to airport of Odessa – be sure, check out one trustable site before your departure to book the  practiced drivers  who will surely wait for you at the Odessa airport at needful time and take you to the Odessa center

3 Places of Interest in East Midlands

East Midlands is a region in England. It includes most of the eastern half of the traditional region of the Midlands. The region is very well connected by transport, which makes it a wonderful place for tourism and road trips.

In this post I am going to review three interesting places in this beautiful region.

  • Rutland Water is a drinking water reservoir in the county of Rutland, England. It is used not only for water storage, though, but as a sports centre as well. Visitors can practice sailing, cycling and walking around the 25 mile-long perimeter track. Birdwatching is something else that tourists can practice, as there are numerous waterfowl species around the lake.
  • Twycross Zoo is located near the village of Twycross in Leicestershire on a territory of 80 acres. Opened in 1963, the zoo houses various species, including animals and plants from South America. This spectacular zoo also holds the largest collection of monkeys and apes in the world.
  • Situated 5 miles south of Louth, Cadwell Park is a circuit for motor racing in Lincolnshire, England. The Park was established by Mr. Mansfield Wilkinson of Louth in 1934 and is used mainly for motorcycle racing today, as it is too narrow for high speed ones.

East Midlands is an amazing place for tourism, not only because of the magnificent landmarks, but because of the amazing places for accommodation offering the best East Midlands airport hotel parking offers. They are perfect for people, who want to take their family on a holiday.

So if you want to visit East Midlands, take advantage of the mentioned above East Midlands airport hotel parking packages and enjoy a terrific holiday.

Always Pack a Mobile

If there is one piece of advice that I could give you for when you travel around Scotland, it is to make sure that you bring a cell phone with you. There is nothing like the convenience that a mobile can provide while you are on vacation. While staying in one of the hotels in Ballater this summer, my husband and I decided to rent a car.

Renting a vehicle while you are in places such as Scotland is a must, as it allows you to see much more of the country side than the public transportation system allows. Yet, while we were enjoying ourselves at the various attractions, little did we know, our car was having a bad day. Eventually, after the check oil light briefly made an appearance, the car had had enough. Forcing us to pull onto the side of the road, my husband could not believe our luck.

 Although it did not cost us anything to fix, as we had purchased extra insurance for such a situation, the sheer inconvenience of being stranded on the side of the road was a little overwhelming. If only we had thought to bring our cell phones with us such a situation would have been remedied much quicker. Eventually, someone did pass by and took us to a Hotel in Edinburgh centre where we were able to call the rental agency to let them know what had happened; apparently Edinburgh was the closest city at that time.
We ended up spending the evening in that amazing city until the rental agency was able to provide us with another vehicle. Lesson learned: always have a mobile phone with you when you are abroad. You never know what kind of a situation you may end up in. We certainly never thought that would happen to us.

Alternative Gap Year Destinations

Taking a year out of work or studies and exploring the world can be one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime. There are so many countries to see, cultures to experience and so many weird and wonderful things to do and see that choosing where to begin and end your adventure, and where to visit in between, can seem like an impossible choice. Do you see yourself partying on the beach in Thailand or Indonesia? Trekking through jungle in the Amazon? Or maybe living life at high altitude in the Andes? Wherever you choose to visit, you are sure to build memories to last a lifetime.

 While some countries and continents – Thailand, India, South America and Australia, for example, regularly crop up on gap year wishlists, there are others that remain somewhat off the radar for tourists, despite the fact that they have a great deal to offer the visitor.

Many former Soviet countries, such as Azerbaijan, are not major destinations on the international tourist circuit, yet their rich blend of cultures and diverse architectural styles, combined with fascinating local traditions and colourful street scenes can make these countries extremely rewarding places to visit. The capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku, has all these elements to offer the visitor, and Baku hotels range from simple guest houses to lavish five star hotels in imposing historic buildings. Backpackers on tight budgets will find that prices here often compare very favourably with other capital cities around the world, and when looking for a budget hostel or hotel Baku has plenty of options available.

The fact that Baku is not yet established on the backpacker circuit is very much a point in its favour – visitors here are able to immerse themselves in the local culture, while large numbers of ex-pats from Great Britain and the United States means that there is always somebody on hand to speak English if you are struggling to make yourself understood. As part of a round the world trip, or even as a holiday destination in themselves. ex-Soviet nations such as Azerbaijan can be well worth a visit.

Choosing The Most Suitable Escapada Romantica Alicante For A Memorable And Fulfilling Trip

It’s you alone who will have an an idea on what escapada romantica Alicante is most appropriate for you, subject to your preferences in amenities and facilities, how much you will shell out, your desired area and the kind of journey. Like for example, if you prefer to spend plenty of time at the seaside, a beachfront hotel will be more appealing to you than an inn in the country side. In case you do not plan to get a car or vehicle hire but plan to take a trip, you may wish to be close to the local public transportation. For folks who will have small kids during the travel, a hotel babysitting service will have much more weight on your decision on a hotel than somebody traveling without small kids. The number of holiday goers is also a thing to look into. You will want an Alicante hotel with bigger rooms to comfortably fit the size of your group or family.

All the earlier mentioned considerations, among other things, can make it easier for you to figure out the best hotel for you. You should choose one among many including family friendly Alicante hotels, bed and breakfast hotels or deluxe hotels all depending upon your preferences.

No matter whether your trip is for motives of business, pleasure or probably a combination of both, it will influence your choice of the best site and kind of your hotel. If you are taking a trip for both business and pleasure, you may prefer to reserve a hotel in the downtown area of Alicante or in close proximity to the airport and also a room in a beach side hotel and transfer to this hotel immediately after business is done.

Alicante is a preferred getaway on the Costa Blanca, but it is certainly not the only location to travel to. The nearby cities of Benidorm, Murcia, Torrevieja, Javea, and Denia all offer tourists a wide range of attractions, restaurants, hotels, and villas. In some of the smaller neighborhoods and communities outside Alicante, you will be able to witness the culture of day-to-day Spain: mountains, beaches, landscapes, festivals, and food.

However, for those who do prefer Alicante, you can find a great number of attractions in the vicinity of any hotel you choose. In case you want awesome night life to be part of your travel, you may prefer to have a trip during the last week of June when the area celebrates St. Joan’s Fiesta. Other sites in the area include the Museu de Arte del Siglo XX Aseguarda, Isla Tabarca Fishing Village, Castell de Santa Barbara Castle, and the Elche Palm Forest.

Visit The Fantastic Ontinyent Spain As Soon As You Can And Appreciate Its Places Of Attraction

Spain is a wonderful location for vacationers. It’s a country abundant in natural wonder and has many places of significance to keep a tourist active and yet feel stress-free. There are venues of historical significance; every single church, cathedral or castle speaks of the impact of ancient civilization on the life of the folks of Spain. Most of these historical locations are located on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea or on the different mountains running parallel to the sea. On top of it there are many hotels and villas like salon de bodas ontinyent where the tourists can have a comfortable stay.

Ontinyent, a township on the well-known Costa Blanca is one such venue of attraction that is most recurrently visited by a great number of tourists all through the year. The town is largely influenced by the Moors and Christian civilization. It preserves its unique magical look besides being an industrially developed town. Sites of interest in Ontinyent are the following:

Santa Maria Church is regarded as the tallest church in Valencia. The tower measures about seventy one meters. This church which is built in Gothic layout also has some trace of Roman architecture which hints that some alterations have been carried out on the structure of the building during the Roman years. This church is considered one of the most beautiful historic churches of Costa Blanca. It is visited by many vacation goers all through the year.

Despite commercialization, the residences on the rural area have retained their natural loveliness. The cobbled and serpentine roads with ancient properties on both sides take the visitor back to the time of Moors. The Plaza Mayor is a popular site where a person can visit the town hall which is located amidst a beautiful garden. 3 of the ancient structures in Ontinyent are Casa del Consell, Almodi and Porxets. It’s surely a joy to see these historic buildings.

Another site visited by a great number of vacationers is the Torrefeil Palace. This architecture is said to have been erected during 15th – 17th century. It is thought of as one of the most beautiful palaces ever to be erected. This beautiful palace is tremendously popular.

Come and see Ontinyent now and stay at its fantastic hotels like bodas ontinyent.

Preparation For The Finest Vacation In Zion National Park

Staying at the Zion Mountain Resort is a terrific way to begin to your Zion National Park vacation. This renowned resort is located in the center of the the Grand Circle and in similar range to Zion National Park. Vacations to any neighboring park in the Grand Circle are reachable via day trips with the Zion area as your central point. The Zion Mountain Resort offers a roomy 300 acres for the delight of the visitor. The resort water is fed through a 100% natural underground spring which is some of the purest water in Southern Utah. A high-point of your vacation in Zion National Park will be the privately owned heard of buffalo that wander about the neighboring 600 acre reserve. You will feel relaxed within the resort compound and if you step out from your cabin, you will love the peaceful tranquility.

When organizing your Zion National Park vacation, there is a lot to watch out for. The Zion Mountain Resort lies on the east side of Zion National Park, which is considerably more mild in the summer season and has more clear twilight skies. Services available in these southwestern appointed cabins typically include a jetted jacuzzi tub, fireplace, kitchenettes, small dining tables, personal patios and multiple bedrooms. Rustic furniture, southwest themes and even a restaurant that specializes in buffalo steaks will make your Zion National Park vacation a genuine experience.

A short trip down the road carries you into the heart of Zion National Park. From your comfortable cabin to the amazing Virgin River Narrows, the Emerald Pools and Hidden Canyon’s Weeping Rock, your Zion National Park vacation will be a great one when you stay at the Zion Mountain Resort. You will have the very best of both worlds and most importantly, a very accommodating home away from home.

Fill Your Life With Happiness And Bright Cheer

Fill Your Life With Happiness And Bright Cheer

If you still did not visit Dubai, then you definitely need to visit this eye-catching city in Emirates. In the recent times a lot of individuals all over the globe with various interests and financial situation are visiting this exciting location. However, it is quite expensive trip, especially if you are going with the whole of your family. But there are several offers that will fix all you problems. By net surfing you can discover the best possibilities of Dubai trip. You can get several offers with very special discounts and that will assist you to preserve your money.

Get Perfect Living Style

At any strange place, one must thing that everyone keeps at the top of their list is perfect accommodation. Your entire trip is based on the living that you choose in the city. Your mental satisfaction will allow you to better participate in many activities during your trip. Here in Dubai you can avail an ideal trip with amazing facilities that will be enough to keep you relaxed throughout your journey. No matter how much you are tired but one thing is sure that you can have a deep relaxing sleep with great comfort.

Peace All Around

One more significant aspect to make your trip wonderful in Dubai would be its peaceful atmosphere. It is something that hit every heart. You can freely move in the city without any kind of risk or can do whatever you like to do. This is peace is unlimited for all those who know better how to maintain it. So if you are a peace lover than you must try to carry it and make efforts to ensure it.

Thrills That Suits You

Beside excellent living and peaceful surrounding city also know how to engage its guests in exciting thrills. You can go for the fishing spots in Dubai where maximum excitements and thrilling ventures are waiting to you. Involve yourself to cash your trip. You will be amazed to see so many fishes around you. That makes easy for you to capture seafood by using very simple techniques.

Trip For Everyone

Dubai trip is for everyone with no discrimination at all. Individuals with various financial situation and choices will have opportunity to pick the best suitable hotel that will meet their objectives. But when you are going for anything in the city do not rush up, analyze very carefully to discover the best choice that will meet all your specifications, so that you can save time and energy.

Make It Musandam Trip

Once in Dubai then try to get some extra. The best way is to leave Dubai for a while and go to Musandam Dibba trip that you will find a unique one. A complete silent, plenty of water and hilly surrounding makes you feel really good and satisfied. You can also enjoy fishing in the clear water of Musandam that will be simpler than Dubai. So do not forget to take your fishing lure with you.

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Javrose is a travel content writer working from last four years in the same area. She is keen to write about different destinations and travelling experiences. Her focus area is Dubai and is very interested to highlight the great marvels of the city in her writings. She is currently writing for Asia Pacific Travel and Tourism, a Dubai based company that is making an effort to provide a luxurious journey to visitors.


Tips To Travel in Low Budget

Travelling should not be impossible simply because you are working on a low budget. A tour to any place is rejuvenating and makes you come back more energized and livelier. In order to travel on a low-budget, you however need to have tips that will make you enjoy the trip without necessarily having to continuously swipe your credit cards or borrow loans from banks.

Whenever you want to travel, make sure that you make early travel arrangements to avoid the last minute rush plannings that could see you spending so much. Planning early enables you to have an open mind so that you are able to foresee problems that may arise during the trip and therefore be prepared to tackle them.

The travel destinations matter a lot. There are some travel destinations that are cheaper than others yet those travelling are still able to enjoy the same adventures as those who travelled to expensive destinations. It is also good to choose a destination that is near ones home.

Once the day to make the tour gets nigh, ensure that you neatly pack everything that you are going to need for the trip. Reckless and hurried packing may lead to one breaking brittle or fragile baggage. You might also forget to pack essentials that will prove indispensable in the trip necessitating that you purchase them or travel back for them. That, will be a misuse of money.

Tips To Travel in Low Budget
Tips To Travel in Low Budget

When you are making your flight bookings, be flexible to accept travelling at odd-hours and in low-class compartments. This will save you lots of money compared to somebody who is rigid about travel hours and flies in the first-class compartment.

Still on traveling, try to travel late in the season. It has been proven that this option is cheaper rather than travelling when everybody else is on the move. This however does not necessarily mean that you book your flights late.

The place that you are to abide while on your tour also affects how much you are going to spend. Avoid residing in hotels. You will spend a lot of money there. You could get a travel home vacation or use the couch surfing service on the Internet. Couch surfing is a new term in travelling where travellers find people ready to offer accommodation on their couches at home. Couch surfing is cheap but one needs to be ready and flexible to live with hosts of all cadres. It is not appropriate for conservative individuals who are so particular with who they live with in their travel destinations.

While on your tour destination, avoid renting luxury cars. Be simple and rent cheap cars to ferry you around. If you have a car, you could also drive yourself rather than get chauffeurs or cabs who have to be paid to drive you. If you are of the opinion to drive yourself, ensure that you get a driving theory test uk to avoid being in the wrong side of the law for driving without a license.