The World’s Coolest Places To Visit and Fun Things To Do

The top 8 coolest things to do in your lifetime. This list has been drawn up from the posts submitted by site visitors who wish to share some of the fantastic experiences they have enjoyed around the globe. The attractions/experiences have also been confirmed by positive visitor reviews from Tripadvisor

 Coolest Places To Visit
Coolest Places To Visit

1. Visit Mykonos Island, Greece

If you approach Mykonos by ferry, your most immediate thought might be about how the blue and white colors of the island play together; just like their flag.  Brilliant white buildings present themselves as sculpted wedding cakes and are contrasted against crystal clear blue waters, while old gentle windmills stand regal on the hills like giant cake toppers! Lanes of paved slate with white washed borders crisscross the charming historical center. Lively beautiful beaches outline the island, and history and archeology are always very close at hand. There are very few places in the world that offer so many unique experiences all within easy grasp.  This is truly a place like nowhere else in the world.

Mykonos Island, Greece

2. Hot Air Balloon Flight over Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain)

Other than the obvious reasons for visiting one of the most exciting cities in the world, a hot air balloon flight seems to put the region at your feet (and any intimidation you may have felt to bed) in the most spectacular way. You’ll enjoy birds eye views of the Pyrenees mountains, Montserrat, the Mediterranean Sea and, if the skies are clear enough, even Barcelona itself. The Spanish are a fun loving friendly Nation, so it’s no surprise that they will make an already stunning experience even more exciting with plenty of surprises in store…

Hot Air Balloon Flight over Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain)

3. Tour Versailles By Bicycle (Paris, France)

Many European tours are notorious for talking big and then providing look warm experiences, so when I discovered an activity that 457 people out of 457 people had rated as a 5 Star experience I thought I’d better investigate a little further…Sure, trucking out on a tourist bus is less effort, but where’s the grace in that? Only by bicycle do you engage all the senses, and once at Versailles you’ll leave the tourist flocks in your dust to enjoy your weekend getaways for both of you. The foot tourists will only see a fraction of what this stunning estate has to offer, you’ll be able to cross the estate beyond the grand canal, picnic where the Kings once sat and visit the Hall of Mirrors before you’ve broken a sweat.

Tour Versailles By Bicycle (Paris, France)

4. Chiang Dao Elephant Jungle Trek and Ping River Rafting Tour from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Many people who visit Thailand for the cheap alcohol, nightlife and hospitable women have little idea that one of the last truly great adventures is within grasp. It’s crazy to think how many miss out on an experience of a lifetime that costs so little…Thailand looks and feels completely different on the back of an elephant. Witness how the guides work with the elephants to complete some amazing tasks on your trek through the jungle. After lunch you will be taken by raft down the Ping River to an orchid farm.

Go On an All-Day Safari.

5. Private Night Time Viewing of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums (Rome, Italy)

The question that needs to be asked is ‘After paying airfare, accommodation and other expenses how do You want to remember the central experiences of your vacation? Hoarded like sheep with the other herds of tourists, fighting for elbow room to snap a half decent photo, or given a private after hours once in a lifetime opportunity to take in something truly remarkable in a small privileged group? Do you have any special interests like certain artists, architecture or a period in history? Then forward a list to the organizer so that your English speaking guide can cater to your requirements.

Private Night Time Viewing of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums (Rome, Italy)

6. Pompeii and Vesuvius Day Trip from Rome (Italy)

I had reservations about including this tour. I wanted the experiences I mentioned here to be unique and free of Cliches but the fact is that this Pompeii and Vesuvius tour is rated so well by everybody that it deserves to be recommended. This tour is unique in that it visits both Pompeii and Vesuvius on the same day. It’s a small group so the pace is more relaxed and the service personal. Pompeii is both interesting and macabre due to the fact that the way of life was so well preserved by the catastrophe. You get a very clear picture of life in the city due to the plaster casts formed by the volcanic ash that encased, buildings, furniture, and people alike.

Pompeii and Vesuvius Day Trip from Rome (Italy)

7. Kilauea Volcano Small Group Adventure Tour (Kona, Hawaii)

Hawaii is hidden waterfalls, scenic hiking trails, friendly people and amazing displays of nature. Witness first hand the dramatic landscape around Kona that has been created by lava flows, and enjoy the diverse nature of ranch land, dry forest and rain forest in the Hawaii Volcano National Park. This is a tour full of fun facts and cultural legends. You’ll walk away feeling enriched with what you have learned about geology, volcanology and ancient Hawaii

Kilauea Volcano Small Group Adventure Tour (Kona, Hawaii)

8. Ultimate Canyon 4-in-1 Tour (from Las Vegas, Nevada)

You can talk about the Grand Canyon, view photos and even videos, but it’s a place that needs to be visited and touched to really take in the spectacle that it is… So a helicopter ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is the ideal form of transport to give you some amazing aerial perspectives. You’ll fly down to the Colorado river and take a quick boat ride downstream. A shuttle bus will take you to the top of the West Rim where you can attempt the spectacular Grand Canyon Skywalk (if you have the heart for it), which is a clear bottom glass bridge that extends over the rim!Many other surprises await on what has to be one of the most exciting and fun filled experiences in a single day that you’ll be able to find.

Ultimate Canyon 4-in-1 Tour (from Las Vegas, Nevada)

Reasons to go to Vietnam – when to go?

Cruise in the misty poetry landscape of Ha Long Bay, a World Heritage since 1994, where a multitude of islands shaped loaf sugar sprinkles the Gulf of Tonkin. Visit the cave HONH Dao Gô bristling with stalactites and stalagmites.


Let yourself be amazed by the noble Mekong river . In the extreme south of the country, Delta, called Sông Cuu Long, the “river of nine dragons” is the most fertile region of Vietnam. Discover aquatic life, between channels and floating markets.

Enjoy subtil flavors of one of the world’s most renowned cuisines, both light and refined: spring rolls and Pho and of course, but Bun  Cha , Oc Nhoi and other delicacies.

Admire the wonders of Vietnamese handicrafts: beautiful lakes incorporating gold or silver leaf, mother of pearl or shagreen, shimmering silks, richly tablecloths embroidered by hand.

To meet ethnic minorities of Upper Tonkin, at the northern end of the country, learn about their culture and their wonderful colorful costumes. Walk the beautiful landscapes of rice terraces, and why not, participate in the harvest! For more infos about Vietnam and Vietnam travel , check this site

When to go to Vietnam?

With its territory to the particular form that evokes some sometimes a dragon , sometimes for other “S” , Vietnam has a wide variety of climate. Between the coast , with nearly 3300 km of coastline, but also more difficult in land locked areas, to speak of a homogeneous nation-wide climate. There are three main areas in Vietnam and many types of climate: B c B ? ( North ) very windy in winter, Trung B? ( Centre) which has a very strong typhoon exposure during the period from August to December , and is largely affected by the monsoon , and finally, Nam B? (Southern ) with relatively high temperatures throughout the year.See climate in major cities of Vietnam, and local variations of tropical climate and subtropical , depending on the terrain .

Hoi An

The city of Hoi An has a tropical climate , due to its location in the central region of Vietnam. Temperatures are usually quite pleasant throughout the year in the city, between 25 ° C and 30 ° C average . In Hoi An , the dry season is between February and May, with the sun and heat. Temperatures then rise again , reaching the highest in June and July values. The rainy season arrives in September , and then extends until January with very heavy showers , however the sun manages to break timidly in the day. It rains up to 330 mm in September , nearly 400 mm in November , while the record is reached in October with rainfall often exceeding 500 mm. In December , as in January , when temperatures are cooler in the year, with average maximum of 25 ° C.


The capital of Vietnam is located on the Red River Delta . In this area , north of the country, the temperature differences are quite content. It is rare to see the mercury drop below 10 ° C during the winter ( in January ) , as the bar 35 ° C will not be crossed very often in the summer, between June and August. Average maximum temperatures recorded between May and August are between 33 and 34 ° C, while in the winter season, we can expect a maximum average temperature of about 21 and 22 ° C from December to February . The warmer months in climate are thus those of the so-called dry season , which runs from November to March . Between the months of May to September, Hanoi faces the rainy season , with major precipitation. It is already falling nearly 240 mm of rain in June, nearly 320 and 350 mm in July and August.


Upper Tonkin refers to the mountainous area that starts near Lang Son , near the Red River . The Chinese border is not far away, and these vast territories , altitude can reach 1400-1500 m. The climate of the area is relatively mild , with a dry season which runs between October and March , and a rainy season that lasts from June to September. June is also the one that shows the highest temperatures , with a climate that , because of the altitude , can become suffocating . Similarly, attention to the period from November to February , during which the climate is relatively cool , the sky is gray and heavy rain . In the mountainous area of Upper Tonkin , temperatures are very pleasant between October and May , of the order of 20-28 ° C during the day . During the rainy season , large temperature variations are observable , mercury can grow from 15 to over 30 ° C within 24 hours. Tropical showers are important, but still very short.

Nha Trang

As for the rest of Vietnam , Nha Trang is nice in March and April. Unlike the south of Vietnam, Nha Trang region escapes during the summer monsoon , which remains a very pleasant time . In this area, you can enjoy a very good climate for more than ten months in the year . The highest maximum temperatures are observed in July and August , with a mercury touches 35 ° C. The heat is still present in September or October , with maximum air temperatures between 28 and 30 ° C , as for the period from March to April . However, at year end , we must pay attention to rainfall are more numerous, with a peak in November to more than 300 mm. The driest months , with rainfall below 50 mm are those of March, April, May and June.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand. The island pearls, largest island of Vietnam has a tropical climate . In Phu Quoc, the dry season is between November and the end of May , while the wet season, with the period of monsoon occurs between June and November. Two seasons, for a simple climate and a pleasant place to visit all year round island. Indeed, even during the rainy season, the showers are short ( usually a few minutes) and the temperature remains high , between 27 and 30 ° C. During the so-called dry season, the mercury will tend to rise above 30 ° C, to come tu 35 ° C.


As in other areas in Vietnam , the climate in the city of Saigon can be summarized in two main seasons . First there was the rainy season , with the monsoon season , which runs from May and can run until the end of September . Then torrential rains , with more than 300 mm of precipitation in June and July , and even close to 350 mm in September. In contrast, the dry season from November to April , has limited rainfall . February is traditionally the driest . Average maximum temperatures are high throughout the year in Saigon , the maximum is often observed between March and May , with average above 37 ° C.

Top Five Places to See in Africa

Africa is believed to be the land where many people and things originated from. I am African American, though I am not from Africa, I am one hundred percent sure that my ancestors are and not once have I attempted to visit Africa or consider going. Where would I start? Where would I go if I did go to Africa. Is Africa as beautiful as it seems on television or ads? These are questions you must ask yourself as a traveler. Think about the kind of hotel you would like to visit when going to Africa. This will be the most important because this is the place in which you will be spending your vacation nights.

Top Five Places to See in Africa

The best destinations in Africa start with the scenery, and the lands. Before you go to Africa always look for the best destinations on a site like Do your research before you jump into your plans. If you are traveling during the holidays which most people are, then ask yourself, what is the best holiday destinations in Africa? Consider the beaches and the cities. Africa is a big continent and there is much to do. If you get bored on this vacation then you aren’t doing something right.

A highly recommended place to visit would be the Marrakech, Morocco. The Red city of Marrakech is a extraordinary place to visit with great scenery and service. Cape town central, South Africa, is a nice resort with the perfect beach and city and town above the coast of the lands. The beach houses are lined up across the shores. Visitors can visit Robben Island where Nelsen Mandela was in prison. Kynsna is located in South Africa and there are many cliffs along the shores are clean, non polluted bodies of water.

To look out into see from the top of the cliffs will be a moment not forgotten. Visit the Kynsna Elephant Park, the Kynsna Head, and the buffalo Bay. Drupkelders Hiking Trail is a short hike around 3 kilometers. Be sure to bring a camera because there is always something there worth seeing. This would be a recommended place to go during Christmas. Kynsna is one of the best holiday destinations in Africa. Durban is another city close to the coast of it’s shores. The difference between Durban and Cape town central is that the buildings in Durban are much higher and look more like business buildings. The city is much more closer to the shores than that of Cape town central. In Durban you could literally walk out of the buildings and walk across the sandy beach.

Travelers should try the street scene tour. It is wheelchair access and there is activities for the young children. Hazeyview is south of Africa. It would be my favorite. There are hills and mountains and even valleys. One might see a variety of animals. The most popular activity would be zip lining. Many of the tours are popular as well for tourist. The tours are always exciting and educational of course. The elephants whispers are a once in a life time experience. You visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda,watch the year round event of the zebra migration, visit Victoria falls, or even see the pyramids of Giza up close. The choice is yours to make, but any choice you make will not be one you regret.

A Buck Loose In Sydney

If you find yourself in Sydney, Australia for a wedding, and find out that you are in charge of planning a last minute bachelor party, don’t stress! You have a plethora of options on how to make sure the guys all have a great time. From drinking out on the night to strippers galore, Sydney is full of an endless night of entertainment. Make sure you make the arrangements for the bachelor event a day or two prior. This will prevent any stress the day of. If you have access to an internet, be sure to read reviews of all the places you plan to attend, so you don’t end up in a part of town that isn’t all that you expected it to be.


Start off the night by taking the guys out to a great bar. Be sure the place as good entertainment along with good priced drinks. Get the bachelor and the other guys a little tipsy and loosened up for the events to follow. Most guys have a better time when they have a little alcohol in their system. However, make sure no one over do’s it on the drinking early into the night. It will ruin the rest of the plans. Don’t just stop at one bar either, visit a couple different ones, so that your crowd enjoys multiple different party atmospheres. If you choose to go out to dinner, be sure to do it before the bar scene. However, if you are disinterested in eating out at a restaurant, go to local bars that serve food. It’s hard to party and have a good time on a empty stomach that rumbles throughout the whole night.

After you and the guys have lived it up at the bar scene and enjoyed dancing with the local ladies, and filling yourselves up with a variety of liquors, head over to a hotel that you should make reservations for a night or two before. Also, with the hotel reservations, you should get online and look for private strippers ( is a great place to start) for bachelor parties. Look for one from a reputable company, and hire a sexy lady to arrive at the hotel. Be sure the other guys know to bring some money for tips, because you will receive a better show the more she is tipped. You have the option of going out to strip clubs and enjoying a variety of beautiful women; however, strippers that come to private events allow the full focus to be on the bachelor, and provide a little bit more of hands on experience.

This may be similar to the usual bachelor party that other gentlemen hold; but, when you have a group of good guy friends, you can’t go wrong with dancing, drinking, and a beautiful woman, or two, to finish up the night. Make sure the bachelor is not aware of the plans for the night, so that he can get a nice surprise, especially from the beautiful stripper. Also, be sure that everyone is focused on making the whole event about the groom. Everyone should have a superb time the night of the bachelor party, but that night should be all about the guy who is about to tie the knots.

Sydney Charming Tourist Attractions

Sydney Charming Tourist Attractions
Sydney Charming Tourist Attractions

The tourist’s destinations and attractions reflect about the city’s charm and beautiful, the main attractions in this Australia largest city comprised some unique and magnificent landmarks. There are also a number of well-tended garden like the famous Botanical Gardens, visitors troops to this spots to see how the lush expansive flower gardens are tended. Sydney Harbor Bridge and Bondi Beach are some other charming attractions to explore while in the city.


Bondi Beach: 

  1. a) Is just within a short drive from the city center, the spot is loved by both foreigners and local people due to its attractive nature.
    b) The visitors frequent the beach to explore its white sands, sun basking is one major activity been done here by visitors who flock there
    c) The Campbell Parade is just nearby for more fun activities around the beach, the Parade hosts several restaurants and eateries to satisfy all continental dishes, the restaurants are built along the expanse of the beach with panoramic views of the blue waters of the Sea.
    d) Surfing s one fun sporting activity done along the white sandy beaches, sanding along the beach is also popular there.

Sydney Opera house:

  1. a) The Sydney opera House is right within the precincts of the city, the landmark house is a must see attraction while in Australia, it houses some biggest auditoriums and conference halls known in the whole world.
    b) The landmark is easily noticeable once you arrive in the city, it’s remarkable in the entire Australia as a whole too for its fame.
    c) Opera House offers facilities for grand meetings and performances which are internationally recognized and attended, millions of audience have gotten a chance to attend every year.
    d) The house is uniquely designed with top class architectural design; the facility is very modern with unique ambiance and attraction worth exploring while in the city.

The Botanic Gardens:

  1. a) The garden is one of the natural attractions for families who are going for a floral rendezvous, the lovely flowers makes many families visiting a good treat.
    b) It directly compliments the Sydney Harbor vista, the Harbor is just next to the Botanic Gardens, and the variety of flowers offers a great view for even study purposes.
    c) The well maintained and trimmed Garden offers a variety, it’s divided in different segments according to different plants species, and visitors find it a real learning tour even as they enjoy the wonders of the garden.
    d) The garden is an expansive 30 acre with much more to offer its visitors; there are nice restaurants around where you can enjoy yourself with your family.

Sydney Aquarium: 

  1. a) The Aquarium is just within the precincts of the city within the nearby Parks; here the aquatic life is well refined and defined for purposes of attractions.
    b) Many visitors come to experience the water life in the area; the Aquarium is well developed with many species of fiches and other sea mammals to explore about.
    c) The marine creatures include the cold, fresh, salty and the tropical water fishes, the species numbers about a thousand and more, other unique species of mammals can also be found in this spot.
    d) There are specialist guides to take visitors through the segments of the Aquarium for learning purposes, the Seal Show is a site to see while here for entertaining purposes.

The Blue Mountains:

  1. a) The Mountain Ranges are just serenely located within the Northern part of the city, the views are so panoramic for many city dwellers, and it’s a good escape from the hustles of the busy city.
    b) The Mountain ranges are unique in their cascading contrasts; the ranges overlap each other to give the viewer a picturesque view of the quite mountainous region.
    c) Wentworth Falls is considered another attraction offered by the ranges, the fall can be viewed just at the foot of these high Ranges, some water sporting activities can be done at the foot of the Ranges.
    d) The Three Sister are other must see attractions of the area; The Everglades can also be viewed within the Mountain region.

Other attractions like the Sydney Harbor Bridge, The Chinese Garden Of Friendship, and The Queen Victoria Building are adding to the number of must see attractions, get your Australian Visas to explore all its beautiful attractions.

World’s 5 Most Anticipated Dance Festivals

Most people admire dance festivals all over the world. Some of the festivals have been going on for the last 20 years. Newcomers in the festivals are usually welcome as long as they receive appreciation from the audience. World’s five most anticipated dance festivals include:


The Sonar Festival takes place every month of June in Barcelona. The festival displays new talent with its unique format. The festival incorporates new music trends with an electronic feel as well as culture. Established artists mingle with upcoming ones hence the ability for them to learn audio-visual and musical production increases. This festival has two sections that take place in the night and day. The night one displays talent from existing artists while the day one focuses on looking for new talent as well as concerts.

Also known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, The Movement Electronic Festival began in the year 2000. It mainly takes place in the city’s middle spot. People have a chance to celebrate techno music founded by their ancestors. Famous artists from Detroit perform in this festival. Some of the artists include Stacy Pullen, Richie Hawtin and Carl Craig. In attendance are artists from other parts of the world. Tickets are sold online or in outlet shops in Detroit is VIP or general. Other amenities that one can enjoy include access to free WI- FI, parties that take place after the festivals and a centre for technology. More than 107,000 people attend the festival.

The Ultra music festival takes place in Miami. Unlike before, the festival lasts two weekends. Stars on the rise get a chance to grace this occasion. The festival includes upcoming artists like Disclosure and Nicolas Jaar.

The Mutek festival takes place in Montreal. It displays music done electronically as well as creativity that is digital. Many individuals in North America can display their electronic talent in this festival. It began in the year 2000 and took place aside the New Media and Cinema festival. The festival nurtures talent through sponsoring collaborations and production of audio-visuals. Performing artists include Robert Hood, John Talabot and Mathew Herbert.

The other festival is the Electric Daisy Carnival. The festival takes place in Las Vegas. It attracts a crowd of up to 300,000 people. The festival once experienced strong winds that swept it away. It is one of the biggest events in North America. The festival also takes place in New York and Chicago. Some featured artists include Carl Cox, Thomas Gold and David Guetta.

Youth Hostels Vs Hotels

Youth Hostels Vs Hotels
Youth Hostels Vs Hotels

In a hostel the visitors generally make payment of rent for a bed in a big room where there are various other visitors paying rent for the other beds in the room. All the visitors share a one common bathroom, lounge rooms, and kitchen. If you want privacy then in that case you can opt for the private rooms in the hostel but for this, you have to pay a bit higher. The advantages of the youth hostels Sydney Australia is that the cost of lodging is quite low as compared to the options like hotels and you even get the opportunity to meet the other visitors from various other parts of the world.

Youth hostels Sydney Australia are generally cheaper and less formal as compared to the hotels. They are most likely used by the young generations who travel the world for different purposes. In the past, there existed a conception that most of the hostels put age limits for accommodation but this conception does not hold true in today’s time, as the hostel accommodation is open for visitors belonging to different age groups. Even though there is no restriction on the age factor for accommodation in these hostels, a large number of people staying in these hostels are generally of the ages 18 and 26. Thus, these hostels are commonly known as youth hostels in Sydney.

A hostel gives you a chance to see people belonging to different culture and their traditions and customs. The visitor does more communication with fellow visitors as compared to a hotel. Numerous hostels even facilitate their visitors to enjoy free of cost activities for their entertainment. There are several disadvantages of using hostels and these are almost similar to the disadvantages faced in using a hotel. One of the most common disadvantages of staying in youth hostels Sydney Australia can be theft since the visitor’s share a common room space but this can be worked out by properly locking up the possessions. Many of the hostels provide you some aid to securely store your possessions and some of them even provide you with private lockers.

One other disadvantage of staying in youth hostels Sydney Australia can be facing difficulty in sleeping may be because of the noise caused by someone’s snoring or someone coming back to the hostel room late in the evening. Hostel Kings Cross Sydney is one of the best place to live. This is the only reason behind the fixing up of time for the last entry in the hostel and lights off in the hostel premises. These are the various disadvantages of youth accommodation in Sydney.

Alaska – Are You Hungry for Adventure?

As one of the last great, unspoiled areas of the planet, Alaska adventure travel attracts thousands of tourists each year who want to experience an Alaska adventure vacation. These excursions often feature wildlife viewing activities like whale watching and may include shore excursions to native Eskimo villages or other points of interest. The great beauty of the Alaskan wilderness offers a compelling destination for travelers who want something more from their vacation than just a way to kill some time.

Where Is Alaska?

Alaska is located at the northwest tip of the American continent. Surrounded by water on one side and by Canada on the other, it isn’t actually connected to the continental United States but still has the distinction of being the largest state in the Union. Alaska has a low population density due to the harshness of the climate during the winter months but it is a land rich in wildlife and sadly also rich in oil, leading many people to fear that this national treasure will be spoiled for future generations. This fear leads many people to visit Alaska out of a desire to see it while it is still in near pristine condition.

Alaska has been part of the United States since it was purchased from the Russians in 1867 for approximately $7.2 million. Today the state has a population of some 630,000 people, up from 130,000 fifty years ago. The population is composed of Caucasians, Native Americans, and some Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans.

What About Its Culture?

Because of its multiethnic society, the culture of Alaska is quite varied. Native Alaskan culture and art are of predominant interest to tourists who can avail themselves of numerous museums and cultural centers. Native groups present in the state include the Aleut, Alutiiq, Athabascan, Nupiaq, St. Lawrence Island Yupik, Tlingit, Haida, Eyak, Tsimshian, Yup’ik and Cup’ik cultures.

Life for non-native Alaskans is often a rough and tumble business. It is a casual state with a frontier quality where outdoor activities and rugged living are the norms. During the winter months many Alaskans are isolated from one another and from the outside world. Most would say the inconveniences are a small price to pay for living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

What Kind Of Adventures Can You Look Forward To In Alaska?

There are almost unlimited sources of diversion for the prospective Alaska visitor. Camping and wildlife photography are popular Alaska travel adventure activities. Sadly there is still a hunting culture but the activity is strictly regulated by the state. Fly-fishing and sport fishing are popular on the rugged waters in the warmer months. Fishermen go after rainbow trout, sockeye salmon, silver salmon and king salmon among others. White water rafting and kayaking are popular as is mountain biking. Dog sledding and other winter sports are also prominent features of Alaska adventure travel.

Motorcycle Tours of Vietnam

Motorbike-tour-to-SapaPicture source facebook voyage vietnam

Vietnam is a fascinating country to visit, especially when you travel the highways and byways into the countryside to experience the culture and the scenic wonders first hand. Touring on lightweight motorcycle is an ideal way to cover travel Vietnam. It is the way most Vietnamese travel themselves. The motorcycle best fits the rural infrastructure of the country. Some six thousand North Americans tour Vietnam by motorcycle every year, together with thousands of Europeans and international tourists from all over the world.

A tour of the North East of Vietnam will take you through tribal village, markets and coastal scenic wonders. A tour of the North West will carry you through the high country, the Tonkinese Alps and mountain village culture. Visit the South and see Saigon, ride through the jungle and the plantation center of the country.

Organized Tours:

There are several large travel companies offering escorted tours through the Vietnamese countryside from a week to 11 days in some cases including a brief boat cruise. The escorted tours include everything, motorcycle finance, gear like helmets, gloves and riding attire, all fuel and support, meals and accommodation, all entrance fees, tickets, transport fees, and third party motorcycle insurance. You will ride on a light weight motorbike like the Honda Fortune or the Yamaha YBR. You may also chose a light dirt bike like the Honda XR400 for off-road travel. The tours are accompanied by a guide/ translator who also serves as a motorcycle mechanic. It is a good idea to get your motorcycle serviced before the trip. ( more on that here) Many of the accommodations on the tours are home stays.

Most motorcycle tourists organize group tours which are prices according to the side of the party and the type of motorcycle finance included, with per rider prices depending on the size of the group. Per Diem prices may range between 90 USD and 180 USD per person.

What You Need:

Only citizens of certain Asian countries, Korea and Japan can enter Vietnam without an entry visa for visits up to 30 days. Other tourists need an entry visa. Obtaining an entry visa requires some preparation and there are costs involved. You will need a passport valid beyond six months after your visit. You will need two recent color passport photographs. You will need to obtain an official letter of invitation from Vietnam. The process of obtaining necessary letters and forms is a little confusing. You can obtain help from your tour operator. The tour guide operator can help you through a procedure for applying to receive a visa on arrival at the airport ( please follow this link to see more about Vietnam visa or you can grab one here The cost for a single entry, 1 to 3 months stay visa is about 45 USD per person. One month multiple entry visas cost 65 USD per person. Three month entry visas cost 95 USD per person.

Medical Recommendations:

All travelers to Vietnam should make sure their vaccinations for measles-mumps-rubella, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, chicken pox, polio and flu are up to date. A vaccine for hepatitis A is highly recommended, since some travelers to Vietnam get hepatitis “A” through contaminated food. Typhoid vaccination is also highly recommended to prevent infection through contaminated water. If you are traveling to Vietnam on an extended trip, especially traveling through rural areas and spending a lot of time outdoors, you should consider immunity from Japanese encephalitis. Malaria is a possibility in Vietnam if you are exposed to mosquitoes You should have access to anti-malarial medications. Rabies is a real danger if you are exposed to wild animals in Vietnam. You should consider rabies vaccine. Yellow fever is not a risk in Vietnam. But the Vietnamese government may require proof of yellow fever vaccination. Vietnam is a tropical country. Traveling in the tropics always poses special dangers along with the special mystery and charm. If you are traveling to Vietnam, you should discuss your plans with your doctor.

Exploring Mt Yasur in Tanna

Exploring Mt Yasur in Tanna
Exploring Mt Yasur in Tanna

Tanna or Tana is a constituent island of the country of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean in Melanesia. It is located in Tafea Province and is about 100 miles southwards from the capital island of Efate. The island of Tanna is 40 km long and 19 km wide and has an area of 550 square kilometres. Tanna, with a population of about 20,000 is one of the populous islands of Vanuatu. The provincial administrative capital is Isangel, which is located on the west coast and near to the largest town on the island, Lénakel.

Tanna has five main languages, namely, North Tanna, Lénakel (has the highest number of speakers), Southwest Tanna, Whitesands and Kwamera. These are generally grouped into the Tanna languages family, which is a subgroup of the South Vanuatu languages, an Austronesian language branch. People here also speak Bislama, one of Vanuatu’s three official languages.

Kava, coconut, copra, coffee are some of the products grown in the fertile island of Tanna. Tanna’s economy is mainly based on agriculture and tourism.


Mount Tukosmera with an altitude of 1,084 metres is the highest peak in Tanna. To the north-east of the peak and close to the coast lies Lake Siwi. In 2000, abnormally high rainfall caused the lake burst down the valley into Sulphur Bay, leading to total destruction of the village. Mount Yasur, one of the most accessible volcano in the world, is located on the southeast coast of Tanna. Mt Yasur is said to be one of the prime attraction of Tanna.


The southern and eastern coasts of Tanna are cooler (thanks to the trade winds blowing from south to east) and also more sunnier than the western coast.

May to November is the winter time when there is relatively lesser rain and temperature hovers around 26 degrees Celcius on an average. Mountains are cooler during this time. During the summer, Tanna experiences more rainfall and the mercury moves around 30 degrees Celcius near the coastal area. Inland and the western areas are hotter.

Best time to visit Tanna:

February, August and October are the ideal months to visit Tanna.

Tourist attractions of Tanna Island:
  • Mount Yasur (Vanuatu’s most active volcano)
  • Port Resolution (named by Captain James Cook after his ship, H.M.S. Resolution, in 1774)
  • Kastom villages, wherein the inhabitants have rejected modernity and still live life the way their ancestors did
  • Jon Frum Religion, a Cargo Cult with Christian influence
  • Lake Isiwi
  • Festivals like Yam, Toka or Nekowiar and John Frum Day.
  • Mountain trails in the southwest
  • Tanna volcanic hot spring
How to Get to Tanna Island:
  • By air:
    Tanna airport is located 10 km north of Lénakel. Air Vanuatu flights connect Tanna every day of the week. Domestic flier VANAIR connects Tanna with Port Vila (takes an hour). Taxi, minibus and truck service is available for reaching Lénakel town from the airport. There is another airport at White Grass but there are no overseas flights flying to and from there as yet. Vehicles are also arranged from the hotels/resorts.
  • Domestic water transport:
    Lénakel offers domestic shipping transport service. A fast passenger boat called Fresh Cargo visits Tanna from Vila. The service, however, is irregular and depends on the number of passengers.
Tanna Island Accommodation:
  • Tanna Evergreen Bungalows, White Grass
  • Tanna White Beach Bungalows, Loukatoi
  • Ikamir Guest House, Bethel
  • Iwaru Beach Bungalows, West Coast
  • Paradise View Bungalows, Lounasunan
  • Sunrise Bungalows, Manuapen
  • Port Resolution Nipikimanu Yacht Club, Port Resolution
  • Rocky Island Bungalows, Port Resolution
  • Nauhiu Banyan Tree Bungalow, Loanengo
  • Volcano Whispering Lodge, Loanengo
  • Tanna Tree Top Lodge, Loanengo
  • Volcano Smile Lava Bungalows, Loanengo
  • Jungle Oasis Lodge, Loanengo
  • Tropical Retreat Bungalows, Iatapu
  • Ianiuia Beach Restaurant, Port Resolution
  • Shark Bay Tour and Bungalows, Manuapen
  • Samana Starlite Bungalows, White Sands
  • Tanna Lava View, White Sands

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Are you riding the right wheels ?

Your wheels are arguably the most important part of your bicycle. Sixty-four spokes, two hubs, two rims and two tires: simple right? Not quite. With the advancement of biking technology there are many choices on the market today. It’s easy to lose perspective on the basics; it’s just a push-pedal bike after all. Here’s an outline to help you make the best choice for yourself.


Hubs come in various shapes and sizes. All riders need a dependable drive mechanism. On the front end you have two choices hinging on the type of riding that you do. This ultimately depends on your front fork. For freeriders, down hillers or huckers (anybody with an aggressive riding style), the obvious choice is a 20-mm front thru-axle, which gives the rider far superior lateral stiffness. If you’re into lightweight, cross-country or out-of-bounds riding, a nine mm will suit your needs. Sealed bearings with precision machining are the high-end hubs, which are long lasting and maintenance free. Most common today are disc brake specific hubs, disc brakes being the best thing that has happened to biking since Brett Tippie. However, if you’re still supporting V Brakes, non-disk hubs are cheap but less common as you can see in this website


For mountain biking there are two sizes of rims available: 26-inch or 24-inch diameter. The 26-inch are the most common, but sometimes you can change the geometry of your bike to suit your local geography by having a 24-inch wheel in the rear. All riders are essentially looking for the same thing: light and strong wheels. Compromises must be made gearing toward your riding style. Some basic things to look for are double-walled rims with stainless steel eyelets. If you’re V braking, look for ceramic rims, as they will increase your braking power and last longer. If you have moved into the new era, for disc specific rims look for hard anodized rims to be stronger. And for all you tech lightweight riders remember that doubled butted spokes save weight.


Tires come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from skinny 1.8-inch easy to flat cross-country tires to three-inch down hill monsters. A three-inch tire will give a beginner rider far more room for error. Look for the rubber compound to be tacky and soft as this will give the rider far more traction. The biting edge depends on the sidewall, soft is best, but not too soft otherwise the tire will roll over the rim and this will end in a flat. Tire tread is the preference of the rider and deemed not to be as important as was once thought. And always remember that hand built wheels are stronger than machine-made wheels.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead

September 23, 2005 Mariachi With Dancer is artwork by Andres Chavez Morales of Michoacan. To celebrate Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican Fine Arts Museum has prepared several exhibits in honor of the Day of the Dead celebration. (Photo by Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times)

Celebrate the Day of the Dead
Celebrate the Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday in which families and friends gather to remember loved ones who have passed on. It’s commemorated with decorated altars, sugar skulls, prayers and marigolds, and can also include food, drinks, large festivals with music and dancing, or visits to the grave sites of loved ones.

On Saturday (October 25), Cafe Sevilla will celebrate Dia de los Muertos with themed dancers, mojitos and sangria drink specials, and a Pre-Halloween party.

Oceanside’s 8th annual Dia de los Muertos Festival will take place on Sunday, November 2. Highlighting this large community celebration is a chalk cemetery, where visitors can create memorials for their loved ones. Click this link for more information.

Old Town will celebrate Dia de los Muertos with altars honoring the dead in the courtyard of the Bazaar del Mundo and Casa Guadalajara between October 31 and November 2.

More altars can be found at Casa de Pico in La Mesa during this time, and guided tours of altars in Sherman Heights will be held on November 1 and 2 as part of their 14th annual Day of the Dead Celebration.

If that’s not enough, or if these celebrations don’t fit into your schedule, you can also stop by the Dia de los Muertos Altars at the San Diego Museum of Man, available through November 6.

You don’t have to be Mexican to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Dia de los Muertos is a day of remembrance and celebration, so spend a little time remembering your loved ones, prepare their favorite foods to share with friends and family, say a prayer, or create your own altar. These are lovely ways to remember our ancestors and the people we’ve loved.

The Top 5 Reasons Chocolate Lovers Love San Diego

If you can’t imagine a life worth living without chocolate, here are five more reasons to LOVE San Diego.

  1. This Friday from 3 to 6 p.m., UCSD’s Sixth College will hold their fourth annual Chocolate Festival, this year themed “Charlie and the Chocolate Festival.”  This event will feature industrial chocolate fountains, games, arts and crafts and music, and you don’t have to attend college to come to this festival.  Family and friends are welcome too.
  2. If you’d rather have your chocolate in a garden, another very popular Chocolate Festival is being held this weekend at Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas.  On Sunday, Mother’s Day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

    Enjoy dozens of delectable chocolate tastings, cooking demonstrations, a chocolate fountain, and more.  This family-friendly event also features entertainment, food, children’s activities, plant sales, and a variety of Mother’s Day gifts.

  3. About the time that you recover from those events, you can attend the 2nd Annual Vista Chocolate Festival & Street Fair on Sunday, May 27th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Highlights of this event: 
    * FREE admission *
    * Chocolate Ally *
    * Live music *
    * Two food courts *
    * Kids Zone with rides *
    * Laser Tag *
    * Children’s 10Mobile *
    * Red Cross Bloodmobile *
    * Castle Building Block area *
  4. If you can’t sit around just waiting for a chocolate event to hit your calendar, plan your own.  Head to Chi Chocolat in the Gaslamp for your own Chocolate Tasting party.  Cost per person starts at $26.95, and includes presentation by chocolatier with 7 tasting disks, flight of chocolates (5 pcs), chocolate samples and beverages. If you need some chocolate tasting advice, Chi Choloat provides this tasting tip for your enjoyment:

    Place the chocolate in your mouth and wait for a few seconds to release the primary flavor notes; chew five to ten times to discover the secondary flavors; push the chocolate gently against the roof of your mouth and note the flavor, the texture and the way the chocolate lingers on the tongue.


  5. If you’re a frequent reader of The San Diego Beat, you know that I’m going to find a way to combine my chocolate with ice cream.  Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop (also in the San Diego Gaslamp) makes it easy, and who knows chocolate better than the world-famous Ghirardelli?  What will you find there?  Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate squares, chocolate bars, cocoas and drinking chocolates, just to name a few.  Need I go on?

If these 5 top ways to enjoy your chocolate in San Diego aren’t quite enough for you,  why not join a Chocolate Meetup group?  They actually plan outings based on their love of chocolate!  What could be better?!  (I can only think of one thing, but they haven’t formed an ice cream meetup group yet.)

Camiguin Highland Resort: A Pleasant Stay in Camiguin

Before we spend our Camiguin Island escapade, my mom already booked a room reservation online at this wonderful hotel, Camiguin Highland Resort. It is a three-story building, exuding class and luxury. The building is of solid structure, Mediterranean in design.

Camiguin Highland Resort: A Pleasant Stay in Camiguin
Camiguin Highland Resort: A Pleasant Stay in Camiguin

This hotel was established in 2004 and offers 24 guestrooms. Each of the hotel’s guestrooms offers air conditioning, balcony/terrace, cable and fast WiFi connection. Guests can experience on-site latest leisure and sports facilities such as garden and outdoor pool. It also provides activities such as Horseback riding, Outdoor camping, Snorkeling, Mountain Biking, Island Picnic and Scuba Diving.

With its central location, Camiguin Highland Resort is within easy reach of most tourist attractions and business addresses in Camiguin. The friendly staff will be happy to book tours and sightseeing activities during your stay in Camiguin. The Camiguin Highland Resort’s restaurant offers the added convenience of on-site dining, with a variety of Filipino meals to choose from.

I highly recommend Camiguin Highland Resort when you’re staying in Camiguin. I’m sure you will have an enjoyable, relaxing and pleasant stay. You will come again to Camiguin Highland Resort where one can truly say, I had a great holiday. :)

For more information regarding their room rates and reservation at Camiguin Highland Resort, you can check their website here or contact them at (088) 387-05-15 to 17 / 0917 827 0200 or mail them at

Camiguin Island Escapade

Camiguin Island is always been one of my top local tourist destinations. The natural scenic beauty and wonders of this beautiful island is what I always love about this place. My family and I really enjoyed our trip when we spent our Camiguin island escapade a few weeks ago.

Camiguin Island Escapade

It is one of the Philippines many beautiful islands of untouched beauty. Its natural landscapes and breathtaking seascapes have never ceased to amaze visitors like us as we discover the highlights of the island’s unparalleled and picturesque beauty.

Camiguin Island boasts of many unique places of interests for both the local and foreign tourists. The island is a perfect getaway place where one can endlessly soak in the sand, sea and sun, marvel at some historic and culture-rich landmarks. Take a look at some of the tourist spots that we visited in Camiguin:

Ardent Hot Spring is one of my favorite tourist spots in Camiguin. The water has a temperature of 40 degrees centigrade and serves as a natural hot spa in the locality. The pool is four-tiered with varying depths and warmth; the shallowest is the hottest and it is now located at the bottom portion. The water springs from the bowels of Mt. Hibok-Hibok. This place is good for those who want to dip into a hot spring and relaxes the body as well as the mind. Surrounding the hot spring are cottages, restaurants and accommodation facilities, which make it ideal for overnight stay.

Katibawasan Falls is a 250-feet high majestic cascading waterfall located at the foot of Mt. Timpoong. A large basin has been formed below the falls and it is carved out from solid rock from centuries of battering by the falls and serves now as a natural swimming pool, a favorite nook of both locals and tourists alike. This is what I also love about this falls. It has also rock picnic tables, seats and cookout facilities for your picnic needs.

One of Camiguin’s tourist attractions, White Island is a sand bar blessed with powdery white sand which is shaped as a letter C or and I, depending upon the ocean tide. Aside from basking under the sun, one can also swim around and snorkel at the surrounding seas of White Island. From the White Island, one can have a view of the Mt. Hibok-hibok. Huge umbrellas are available to provide shelter to guests who come to frolic in the waters and to sunbathe.


Many years passed since I last stepped on its soil, yet the island still retain its grandeur, simplicity and peaceful ambiance with a welcome addition of cemented roads and the provision of more accommodations, restaurants and the availability of viable transportation.

With all of these places found in just one island, tourists are splurged with the abundance of unspoilt naturescapes. Camiguin Island offers outdoor adventures for the water-loving tourists. Snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, trekking, mountain climbing, basking under the sun on the beach fronts, cold splashes under the waterfalls and island hopping.

They are out to give tourists the time of their lives as Camiguin Island uncovers and reveals the beauty unmarred by progress and development. Spending your holiday in Camiguin means quiet and peaceful holidays. Just enjoy the natural beauty of the island and relax.

Things To Do In Jamaica

Things To Do In Jamaica
Things To Do In Jamaica

There’s more to do in Jamaica than lying on the beach and swimming. In fact, there is a great deal more to do, and the beautiful beaches are only a small part of what makes Jamaica such a fabulous vacation spot.

First, if you like to fish, you should really consider getting in on a deep sea fishing excursion. Just off the shores in Jamaica, you can catch wahoo, tuna, dolphin, white marlin, and blue marlin. Blue Marlin is prize game fish in Jamaica. Reserve a charter boat approximately twenty four hours in advance.

Golfing is also popular in Jamaica. You will find championship courses in Ocho Rios,Kingston, and Montego Bay. You can even stay at a golf resort, where everything you need to play the game is available.

Take guided tours. Tours are available on horseback and ATVs, and you can also participate in driven tours and walking tours as well. This is a great way to seeJamaica, without worrying about missing any of the sights, or getting lost. Of special interest is the Dunn’s River Falls Tour, where you will form a human chain with other people to safely ascend the falls.

Swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. This is the only place in Jamaica where you can do this. This is definitely a hot spot. If you want a spooky thrill, visit the Rose Hall Great House. Learn all about the White Witch of Rose Hall. You should also take a cruise around the Caribbean. Day cruises are available, and this is something that will interest you even if you arrived by cruise ship!

No Jamaican trip can be complete without a round of Scuba Diving and/or deep sea diving. Even if you’ve never done either, it will definitely be worth your time to take a beginner’s lesson and dive in! Get some river rafting in while you are at it. There are numerous river raft tours as well. Also visit the Appleton Estate to see how Rum is made.

Other activities include parasailing, mountain biking, and undersea tours, just to name a few. Also, be sure to visit the famous Bob Marley Museum to absorb some history, and don’t forget the historical botanical gardens, including Castleton, Bath, Cinchona, Hope and Clydesdale. You will also be interested in the four natural mineral spas, including the Bath Mineral Spa, the Milk River Spa, the Black River Spa, and the Rockfort Spa.

Last, but certainly not least – and possibly first – don’t forget the duty free shopping. Make sure that you visit the crafts market in Kingston for some truly wonderful finds. Vendors in Jamaica expect you to bargain with them, and this can be a fun and interesting experience.

As you can see, there really is more to Jamaica than tanning and water sports. Along with these activities, make sure that you experience the foods that are native to the area as well. You can incorporate this into the active nightlife that Jamaica offers.

Weddings In Jamaica

Jamaica has consistently been on the list of the most favored wedding locations around the world. Jamaica is known for its glamorous history being a top destination for royalties, celebrities and the rich and the famous. The good news is that this tropical gem does not cater exclusively to those who have money to burn. There are many resorts and accommodation options that provide more affordable alternatives to anyone who want to experience weddings in Jamaica.

Weddings In Jamaica
Weddings In Jamaica

Jamaica is a romantic venue for any kind of wedding. With its many palm trees and white sand beaches, it is indeed ideal for weddings and honeymoons. There are many exclusive resorts and villas that are suited as venues for weddings in Jamaica. The breathtaking scenery and landscape overlooking the Caribbean Sea makes it a beautiful wedding spot.

Jamaica As A Wedding Destination

For those who are seeking for the ultimate beach experience, Jamaica is the perfect destination. It is known for its fun nightlife, colorful culture, rich heritage and tropical weather. All of these factors also make Jamaica a top wedding destination. There are many people out there who fly out to Jamaica so they can say their “I do’s” on this tropical island paradise. For a truly unforgettable experience, weddings in Jamaica are the main choice of many couples.

Show everyone how you truly love each other by tying the knot in Jamaica. Weddings in Jamaica have been steadily gaining popularity nowadays because it has been made more affordable. Sandcastles Jamaica is among the many budget-friendly wedding venues in Jamaica. Have the sea, sun and sand in your wedding without having to empty out your bank account.

Romantic Weddings In Jamaica

Weddings in Jamaica can either be casual or formal. You can have it anyway you want it and Sandcastles Jamaica will help you achieve the wedding you have always dreamed of. As a wedding venue, you get the perfect ambiance and atmosphere that will truly complement your wedding day. All your family and friends will be comfortably accommodated as well so everyone can have a genuine Caribbean experience as you tie the knot. Call us now so we can start planning the best wedding everyone will keep talking about for many years.

Some useful Shopping Tips for Vietnam

You can find anything in Vietnam. It guarantees a marvellous experience and offers good deals. The shopping destinations vary, from elegant shopping malls, high-class gift shops to the colourful street markets, boutiques, galleries, and open stalls. Although you can purchase imported purses or bags in Vietnam, it is really not advisable to do so since imports are more expensive compared to other countries’ due to the attached taxes in the products. Instead, you can pick out some native products of Vietnam.

Shopping Tips for Vietnam
Shopping Tips for Vietnam

The country is very widely known for its artistic handicrafts, Vietnam war souvenirs, elegant clothing, Asian arts, and rare gems and antiques. To ensure that you have bought genuine antique pieces, ask for the certificates of originality since most of the art pieces and antiques sold to the visitors are just imitations of the original works.

On the other hand, if you want to have the traditional ao dai (Vietnam’s traditional costume), it is much better for you to have the dress sewn to fit to your body. Although you have to shell out additional dough, yet it is worth it since the dress follows the contours of your body. Along with this, you can pick some traditional slippers, shoes and handbags made from bamboo and silk as memorabilia items. The conical hat which is somewhat the symbol of Vietnam can be found anywhere in the country. But the most popular items are the hats made in Hue since they are highly creative with poems embroidered on the inside. Indeed, a day of shopping can be fruitful and revitalising. Moreover, there are other aspects of shopping that you may find helpful in case you are looking for additional information. Kindly click these links that will redirect you to websites that offer related content.

Personally, i love Vietnam and recommend this  Website to get your Vietnamvisa on Arrival, first thing that you really need to visit thí beautiful country

Excite Yourself with The Most Fun Things to do in Bali

Things to do in Bali
Things to do in Bali

The vibrant tropical island of Bali is a playground for any adventure-seeker or traveler. Voted one of the best islands to visit in Indonesia, Bali hosts travelers from all over the world each year who are seeking to break out of their shell and explore something new. Luckily, Bali has tons of fun things to do for anyone seeking to put a little exciting twist on their trip. Here’s a list of the most fun things to do in Bali.

Get Ready for Adventure.

With Bali, the possibilities are endless. Any activity that you’ve always wanted to try can be done on the island, whether it’s riding horses on the beach or diving undersea in a real submarine. Bali has tons to offer anyone who is seeking to have fun and soak up the unique culture and beauty of Bali at the same time.

Hit the Water.

Whether it’s relaxing on the beach or learning how to surf, take advantage of Bali’s pristine beaches, beautiful waters, and fascinating marine life. A few activities that involve the water in Bali include surfing, snorkeling, diving, parasailing, fishing, boating, swimming with dolphins, or exploring the sea in a private submarine called the Odyssey. Tired of the ocean? Bali also has a number of fresh-water lakes, rivers and waterfalls, so you can spend a day climbing the hills to a pristine waterfall view, or go white water rafting. When it comes to activities of fun things to do in Bali, the possibilities are endless. Check out my list : Top best 10 things to do in Bali

Go on Safari.

Being a tropical island, Bali has tons to offer when it comes to wildlife. The Bali Safari and Marine Park is home to elephants, camels, zebras, komodo dragons, leopards, and even rare Sumatran tigers. Spend a day exploring the park, where you can rid elephants or camels, enjoy the beauty of nature, and even catch a cultural show of traditional Balinese dance and music.

Learn Something New.

Knowledge is the best souvenir you can travel home with, because it’s something you can use again and again — and it never gets old, gets lost, or falls apart. If you’re passionate about a certain hobby, whether it’s cooking or underwater basket weaving, find an aspect of Balinese life and culture you want to learn more about. Master the art of cooking delicious Balinese food, or if you love to dance, enroll yourself in a traditional Balinese dance class for a day. The things you do will help you expand your view and your own passions. Not to mention it’ll be a great story to tell!

Prepare for the extreme.

There are still a lot more fun things to do in bali that you can explore. But how about some extreme fun? Challenge your adrenaline with Sling Shot, Bungy Jumping, high grade wave surfing, or extreme rafting. This things is only recommended for people who have a high dose adrenaline in their blood. Just make sure you try one of those when you are in Bali or you will definetely regret not to try one.

Got some fun experience in Bali? Why don’t you share with us in the comment box below.

Chiang Mai Travel Tips

This article about Chiang Mai Travel Tips is a website created to help people get to know Chiang Mai from the comfort of their computer. There’s so much that’s fascinating about this northern capital of Thailand, and Chiang Mai Travel Tips hopes to take you on an online journey to visit and explore all its marvelous attractions, as if you are going there yourself. And you can do it all right here, at your desk!

Chiang Mai Travel Tips
Chiang Mai Travel Tips

This website is not a travelogue. Although I have visited Chiang Mai a number of times, this website is not based on my travels. It reflects my desire to know everything about Chiang Mai, and to share my discovery with like-minded enthusiasts.

About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, also written as Chiengmai and Chiangmai, is the largest city in northern Thailand. It is located by the banks of the Ping River, one of the major tributaries of the Chao Phraya River. The city has a population of 150,000 people and a metropolitan population approaching a million.

Long regarded as the cultural capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai is today a major travel destinations. Set among the highest mountains in Thailand, it is the place to go to escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

Being a provincial city, Chiang Mai is extremely affordable by Western standard. I hope that when you get there, you will have the chance to explore all the places that I describe on this website, many of which you can do on foot. There is certainly a lot to see and do here. I also hope you will get to know Chiang Mai’s history, handicrafts, culture, dances, food, and more, and I’ll try my best to explain all of them to you right here. Before embarking on your trip to explore Thailand, find a place to stay throughExpedia.

A Brief History

Chiang Mai is the gateway to tourist sights all across the northern part of Thailand. In its own right, Chiang Mai is an ancient city with a history that is longer than that of Bangkok. It was founded by King Mengrai in 1296 to replace his older capital, Chiang Rai. The name Chiang Mai means “new capital”. The city served as the ancient capital of the Lanna Kingdom. The medieval walls protecting the city is still visible today. They encircle the older part of the city with a moat on its outer part.

Due to constant attacks from neighbouring Burma, Chiang Mai was eventually abandoned in 1776, only to be given a new breath of life in 1791, during which time it was annexed as part of the Kingdom of Siam.

The locals of Chiang Mai speak a dialect of Thai known as Kham Muang, which is closer related to the Laotian language than it is to Thai itself. Since the Lanna Kingdom became part of Siam, writing of Kham Muang has adopted the standard Thai alphabet. The Kham Muang alphabet itself is no longer known to the locals, and is only a matter of interest to scholars.


Chiang Mai experiences a climate with a dry season and a wet one. The dry season is in the winter months from January to March while the wet season is from July to September. The best time to visit Chiang Mai is between November and February, as the temperature is lowest. It can get quite cold at night during those months, so you should consider bring along a sweater or jacket for the evening.


Chiang Mai has numerous Buddhist temples. Many of these are well preserved and maintained, and are the city’s primary tourist attraction. The temples of Chiang Mai are built according to the Lanna architectural style which is different from those you see in Bangkok. Pay good attention to the temples and slowly you will be able to differentiate the style of temples in Chiang Mai from those in Bangkok.

Visitors to Chiang Mai often use it as the gateway to visit other sights in northern Thailand. Doi Inthanon, the tallest mountain in Thailand, is a day trip from Chiang Mai. It is one of the most accessible mountains in the country, as vehicles can go right to the top.

The rural areas surrounding Chiang Mai is home to many hill tribes such as the Akha people and the Padaung, better known as the long-neck people. Their villages now welcome tourists to supplement their otherwise limited income. You can also visit hot springs, caves, gushing waterfalls, or go bamboo rafting, or ride the elephants.

Within a day’s journey from Chiang Mai is the highland town of Mae Hong Son, another popular tourist destination. As with all major towns in Thailand, it has a good collection of temples, many of which are quite rustic compared to those in Chiang Mai. The towns of Chiang Rai and Mae Sai, on the border with Myanmar, are also popular with visitors to Chiang Mai, as is the Golden Triangle, the spot where the border of Thailand converges with Myanmar and Laos.

When evening comes, you should attend a northern Thai cultural show. There are performances held at a number of venues in Chiang Mai, where you enjoy dinner while watching the show. Ask for the khantoke dinner, where you sit on the floor with your dinner presented to you on a tray. The meal comprises traditional northern Thai fare this is both tasty as well as interesting.

After dinner, you can explore the popular Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. This is the place to look for souvenirs and handicrafts – those on sale at the Night Bazaar are usually cheaper than you can get from specialty shops.

Chiang Mai is truly an invigorating vacation destination. Through this website, I will showcase all that it has to offer. I hope that you will be delighted by the sights and the information will help you as you prepare for your visit there.

Preparing Money for your trip to Thailand

The currency used in Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB). The following are the latest rates for Thai Baht in the last 24-hours.

7 strange places in the Philippines

Philippines is a place complete with different kinds of adventures. Whether you want to go diving, surfing, camping, sightseeing, mountain climbing or beach bumming, Philippines is a great travel location. And if you want something unusual or bizarre, here are seven out of the ordinary places that you can visit in the Philippines:

Mount Canlaon
Mount Canlaon

Mount Makiling

Mount Makiling, an active volcano, is ideal for trekking and camping especially during the lenten season. However, travelers are advised not to pick and bring home any flower and plant from the mountain. Doing so can cause mysterious rashes and swellings that will last for 12 hours.

There’s also a spot in the mountain called a magnetic hill where you can stop the engine of your car and watch yourself go uphill. Try pouring water in the said spot and you’ll see the water flow uphill.

Hanging coffins in Sagada

The people of Sagada, a mountain provice, have a different way of burrying their dead by hanging coffins on limestone cliffs. They believe that the higher the coffins are, the closer they are to heaven. Only married people with grandchildren are allowed to be burried this way.

Most of the coffins are normally carved by the elderly Igorot before they die. The hanging coffins in Sagada have been around for already around 2000 years.

Pink beach in Zamboanga

You might have already heard about many astonishing white sand beaches in the Philippines. But how about a pink beach? You can find one in Zamboanga and as you come closer to the beach, its pinkish color will become brighter. The pink color of the beach is from pulverized red organ-pipe corals spread all over the beach.

Villa Cerveza in Oriental Mindoro

If the Pink Beach isn’t too strange for you, you might find a villa inhabited by gods odd. In the said area, you can not cross the forest without paying respect to the gods. Rivers will suddenly rise and cameras will just stop working.

Travelers need to ask permission from the gods first before traveling the area.

Anawaning cove in Zambales

A beach with fine sand is not so unusual. But fine sand from volcanic ash is astonishing. The Anawaning cove used to have a rocky coast until the mighyt Mt. Pinatubo awakened from its long time sleep leaving volcanic sand along the coast.

What’s more amazing is that sea pine trees that have grown in the cove making it a tropical paradise.

Laswitan Lagoon in Surigao Delsure

Freshwater waterfalls can be found anywhere in the world. But how about a saltwater waterfall? Laswitan Lagoon is in the middle of a rocky santuary where the surrounding rocks are constantly hit by raging waves from the Pacific ocean.

The saltwater manages to overflow into the other site creating a beautiful cascading waterfall in the lagoon.

The New Israel in Makilala, North Cotabaco

The New Israel, also dubbed as the Little Israel, is a small community where people believe that they are among the 12 tribes of Israel. The place is ruled by a religious sect and the residents are called the Moncados or Moncadistas. To be able to live in the community, you must also convert to their religion and become a Moncadistas as well.

The Little Israel is also the starting point for climbing Mt. Apo. It’s also home to monkeys which are used to interacting with people.

In the Philippines, each city is a different country in one ‘nation’. Whether you want an adventurous or a bizarre experience, there are many Philippine travel sites that can cater your expectations.

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Antelope Park, Zimbabwe’s Premier Private Game Reserve

Welcome to a very special place – a place no visitor will ever forget, and most will recall as a highlight of their trip to Zimbabwe! Antelope Park is Zimbabwe’s Premier Private Game Reserve, set in stunning surrounds in the heart of the Zimbabwe midlands, and the proud home of our world-renowned Lion Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild Programme, in partnership with ALERT (African Lion and Environmental Research Trust) which not only aims to play a crucial role in preserving this iconic species, but also to educate, empower and benefit local communities where the programme is in operation.

Antelope Park, Zimbabwe’s

Against the magnificent background of the African bush Antelope Park offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit the needs of every traveler including scenic River Lodges, beautiful thatched Island Lodges and grand East African style Safari Tents. We also welcome backpackers and campers to our standard rooms or sprawling green camp-sites.

Antelope Park offers warm African hospitality and offers travelers a perfect balance of leisure time spent relaxing in our comfortable and serene accomodations, or enjoying excursions such as game rides on our mule-drawn cart or sunset cruises on the campsite dam, and action-packed activities such as walking with lion cubs (between 6 and 18 months old), our world exclusive Night Encounter or elephant-back safaris!


Our most popular activity –originated at Antelope Park – is our lion walks. A walk will last around one and half hours and the cubs accompanying you on this incredible journey range in age from 6 to 18 months. You might even be lucky enough to witness them practicing their stalking skills on some of the abundant wildlife species found in the Park!

You won’t want to miss out on this once-in-a lifetime opportunity as you roam free with the lions, interact with them and get closer than you ever thought possible, all under the supervision of our experienced guides and handlers.

But your Lion Walk is much more than you think. It‘s not just a very privileged photo opportunity, it‘s the chance for you to become a conservationist. By participating on our lion walks (or joining us as a longer term eco-tourist) guests are actively assisting in the pre-release training for the cubs, as well as providing essential funding for the programme’s continued progress to help save Africa’s most iconic species.

World Exclusive! The Night Encounter: guests and trained staff aboard a 4 x 4 vehicle accompany older cubs (between 18 and 36 months) on a night hunt as they stalk, chase (and at times catch!) prey on the reserve. This is the second part of their pre-release training. Your stay at Antelope Park will not only leave you with memories that will last a lifetime, but also with the knowledge that you have personally helped contribute to the survival of the African Lion.

Other activities include game viewing (horse-back, elephant safaris, mule-drawn carriage, bush walks or in a 4 x 4 vehicle), canoeing and fishing, and visits to our lion breeding programme, to name but a few.


Antelope Park is well equipped and experienced to host weddings and conferences. Contact us to discuss your needs and request a quotation.


River tent – Single $106 B&B, Per person sharing $67 B&B, Child $32 B&B
River Lodge – Single $115 B&B, Per person sharing $77 B&B, Child $25 Bed only
Family Lodge –Per person sharing $64 B&B, Child $32 B&B
Nataba Lodge S/C –Per person sharing $49 bed only, Child $37 B&B
Island Lodge Honeymoon – Single $160 B&B, Per person sharing $114 B&B, Child $48 B&B
Standard, not en-suite – Single $47 B&B, Per person sharing $35 B&B, Child $21 B&B
Camping – $8 per person.

Breakfast – Adults $15, children $8
Lunch – Adults $15, children $8
Dinner – Adults $20, children $10

Walk with Lions $50
Lion Breeding $20
Lion Feeding $25
Night lion enounter $85
30 minute elephant ride $35
60 minute elephant ride $45
Horse ride $30
Horse lessons $15
Game drive, min 6 people – $25
Canoeing – $8
Sunset cruise with soft drinks and snacks – $25
Fishing $7 / hour