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Motorcycle Tours of Vietnam

February 8, 2015
Motorcycle Tours of Vietnam

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Vietnam is a fascinating country to visit, especially when you travel the highways and byways into the countryside to experience the culture and the scenic wonders first hand. Touring on lightweight motorcycle is an ideal way to cover travel Vietnam. It is the way most Vietnamese travel themselves. The motorcycle best fits the rural infrastructure of the country. Some six thousand North Americans tour Vietnam by motorcycle every year, together with thousands of Europeans and international tourists from all over the world.

A tour of the North East of Vietnam will take you through tribal village, markets and coastal scenic wonders. A tour of the North West will carry you through the high country, the Tonkinese Alps and mountain village culture. Visit the South and see Saigon, ride through the jungle and the plantation center of the country.

Organized Tours:

There are several large travel companies offering escorted tours through the Vietnamese countryside from a week to 11 days in some cases including a brief boat cruise. The escorted tours include everything, motorcycle finance, gear like helmets, gloves and riding attire, all fuel and support, meals and accommodation, all entrance fees, tickets, transport fees, and third party motorcycle insurance. You will ride on a light weight motorbike like the Honda Fortune or the Yamaha YBR. You may also chose a light dirt bike like the Honda XR400 for off-road travel. The tours are accompanied by a guide/ translator who also serves as a motorcycle mechanic. It is a good idea to get your motorcycle serviced before the trip. ( more on that here) Many of the accommodations on the tours are home stays.

Most motorcycle tourists organize group tours which are prices according to the side of the party and the type of motorcycle finance included, with per rider prices depending on the size of the group. Per Diem prices may range between 90 USD and 180 USD per person.


What You Need:

Only citizens of certain Asian countries, Korea and Japan can enter Vietnam without an entry visa for visits up to 30 days. Other tourists need an entry visa. Obtaining an entry visa requires some preparation and there are costs involved. You will need a passport valid beyond six months after your visit. You will need two recent color passport photographs. You will need to obtain an official letter of invitation from Vietnam. The process of obtaining necessary letters and forms is a little confusing. You can obtain help from your tour operator. The tour guide operator can help you through a procedure for applying to receive a visa on arrival at the airport ( please follow this link to see more about Vietnam visa or you can grab one here The cost for a single entry, 1 to 3 months stay visa is about 45 USD per person. One month multiple entry visas cost 65 USD per person. Three month entry visas cost 95 USD per person.

Medical Recommendations:

All travelers to Vietnam should make sure their vaccinations for measles-mumps-rubella, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, chicken pox, polio and flu are up to date. A vaccine for hepatitis A is highly recommended, since some travelers to Vietnam get hepatitis “A” through contaminated food. Typhoid vaccination is also highly recommended to prevent infection through contaminated water. If you are traveling to Vietnam on an extended trip, especially traveling through rural areas and spending a lot of time outdoors, you should consider immunity from Japanese encephalitis. Malaria is a possibility in Vietnam if you are exposed to mosquitoes You should have access to anti-malarial medications. Rabies is a real danger if you are exposed to wild animals in Vietnam. You should consider rabies vaccine. Yellow fever is not a risk in Vietnam. But the Vietnamese government may require proof of yellow fever vaccination. Vietnam is a tropical country. Traveling in the tropics always poses special dangers along with the special mystery and charm. If you are traveling to Vietnam, you should discuss your plans with your doctor.

Alaska adventure trave

Alaska – Are You Hungry for Adventure?

January 8, 2015

As one of the last great, unspoiled areas of the planet, Alaska adventure travel attracts thousands of tourists each year who want to experience an Alaska adventure vacation. These excursions often feature wildlife viewing activities like whale watching and may include shore excursions to native Eskimo villages or other points of interest. The great beauty of the Alaskan wilderness offers a compelling destination for travelers who want something more from their vacation than just a way to kill some time.

Where Is Alaska?

Alaska is located at the northwest tip of the American continent. Surrounded by water on one side and by Canada on the other, it isn’t actually connected to the continental United States but still has the distinction of being the largest state in the Union. Alaska has a low population density due to the harshness of the climate during the winter months but it is a land rich in wildlife and sadly also rich in oil, leading many people to fear that this national treasure will be spoiled for future generations. This fear leads many people to visit Alaska out of a desire to see it while it is still in near pristine condition.

Alaska has been part of the United States since it was purchased from the Russians in 1867 for approximately $7.2 million. Today the state has a population of some 630,000 people, up from 130,000 fifty years ago. The population is composed of Caucasians, Native Americans, and some Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans.

What About Its Culture?

Because of its multiethnic society, the culture of Alaska is quite varied. Native Alaskan culture and art are of predominant interest to tourists who can avail themselves of numerous museums and cultural centers. Native groups present in the state include the Aleut, Alutiiq, Athabascan, Nupiaq, St. Lawrence Island Yupik, Tlingit, Haida, Eyak, Tsimshian, Yup’ik and Cup’ik cultures.

Life for non-native Alaskans is often a rough and tumble business. It is a casual state with a frontier quality where outdoor activities and rugged living are the norms. During the winter months many Alaskans are isolated from one another and from the outside world. Most would say the inconveniences are a small price to pay for living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

What Kind Of Adventures Can You Look Forward To In Alaska?

There are almost unlimited sources of diversion for the prospective Alaska visitor. Camping and wildlife photography are popular Alaska travel adventure activities. Sadly there is still a hunting culture but the activity is strictly regulated by the state. Fly-fishing and sport fishing are popular on the rugged waters in the warmer months. Fishermen go after rainbow trout, sockeye salmon, silver salmon and king salmon among others. White water rafting and kayaking are popular as is mountain biking. Dog sledding and other winter sports are also prominent features of Alaska adventure travel.

Youth Hostels Vs Hotels

Youth Hostels Vs Hotels

November 15, 2014
Youth Hostels Vs Hotels

Youth Hostels Vs Hotels

In a hostel the visitors generally make payment of rent for a bed in a big room where there are various other visitors paying rent for the other beds in the room. All the visitors share a one common bathroom, lounge rooms, and kitchen. If you want privacy then in that case you can opt for the private rooms in the hostel but for this, you have to pay a bit higher. The advantages of the youth hostels Sydney Australia is that the cost of lodging is quite low as compared to the options like hotels and you even get the opportunity to meet the other visitors from various other parts of the world.

Youth hostels Sydney Australia are generally cheaper and less formal as compared to the hotels. They are most likely used by the young generations who travel the world for different purposes. In the past, there existed a conception that most of the hostels put age limits for accommodation but this conception does not hold true in today’s time, as the hostel accommodation is open for visitors belonging to different age groups. Even though there is no restriction on the age factor for accommodation in these hostels, a large number of people staying in these hostels are generally of the ages 18 and 26. Thus, these hostels are commonly known as youth hostels in Sydney.

A hostel gives you a chance to see people belonging to different culture and their traditions and customs. The visitor does more communication with fellow visitors as compared to a hotel. Numerous hostels even facilitate their visitors to enjoy free of cost activities for their entertainment. There are several disadvantages of using hostels and these are almost similar to the disadvantages faced in using a hotel. One of the most common disadvantages of staying in youth hostels Sydney Australia can be theft since the visitor’s share a common room space but this can be worked out by properly locking up the possessions. Many of the hostels provide you some aid to securely store your possessions and some of them even provide you with private lockers.

One other disadvantage of staying in youth hostels Sydney Australia can be facing difficulty in sleeping may be because of the noise caused by someone’s snoring or someone coming back to the hostel room late in the evening. Hostel Kings Cross Sydney is one of the best place to live. This is the only reason behind the fixing up of time for the last entry in the hostel and lights off in the hostel premises. These are the various disadvantages of youth accommodation in Sydney.


World’s 5 Most Anticipated Dance Festivals

October 24, 2014

Most people admire dance festivals all over the world. Some of the festivals have been going on for the last 20 years. Newcomers in the festivals are usually welcome as long as they receive appreciation from the audience. World’s five most anticipated dance festivals include:

The Sonar Festival takes place every month of June in Barcelona. The festival displays new talent with its unique format. The festival incorporates new music trends with an electronic feel as well as culture. Established artists mingle with upcoming ones hence the ability for them to learn audio-visual and musical production increases. This festival has two sections that take place in the night and day. The night one displays talent from existing artists while the day one focuses on looking for new talent as well as concerts.

Also known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, The Movement Electronic Festival began in the year 2000. It mainly takes place in the city’s middle spot. People have a chance to celebrate techno music founded by their ancestors. Famous artists from Detroit perform in this festival. Some of the artists include Stacy Pullen, Richie Hawtin and Carl Craig. In attendance are artists from other parts of the world. Tickets are sold online or in outlet shops in Detroit is VIP or general. Other amenities that one can enjoy include access to free WI- FI, parties that take place after the festivals and a centre for technology. More than 107,000 people attend the festival.

The Ultra music festival takes place in Miami. Unlike before, the festival lasts two weekends. Stars on the rise get a chance to grace this occasion. The festival includes upcoming artists like Disclosure and Nicolas Jaar.

The Mutek festival takes place in Montreal. It displays music done electronically as well as creativity that is digital. Many individuals in North America can display their electronic talent in this festival. It began in the year 2000 and took place aside the New Media and Cinema festival. The festival nurtures talent through sponsoring collaborations and production of audio-visuals. Performing artists include Robert Hood, John Talabot and Mathew Herbert.

The other festival is the Electric Daisy Carnival. The festival takes place in Las Vegas. It attracts a crowd of up to 300,000 people. The festival once experienced strong winds that swept it away. It is one of the biggest events in North America. The festival also takes place in New York and Chicago. Some featured artists include Carl Cox, Thomas Gold and David Guetta.



Sydney Charming Tourist Attractions

October 15, 2014

The tourist’s destinations and attractions reflect about the city’s charm and beautiful, the main attractions in this Australia largest city comprised some unique and magnificent landmarks. There are also a number of well-tended garden like the famous Botanical Gardens, visitors troops to this spots to see how the lush expansive flower gardens are tended. Sydney Harbor Bridge and Bondi Beach are some other charming attractions to explore while in the city.

Bondi Beach: 

  1. a) Is just within a short drive from the city center, the spot is loved by both foreigners and local people due to its attractive nature.
    b) The visitors frequent the beach to explore its white sands, sun basking is one major activity been done here by visitors who flock there
    c) The Campbell Parade is just nearby for more fun activities around the beach, the Parade hosts several restaurants and eateries to satisfy all continental dishes, the restaurants are built along the expanse of the beach with panoramic views of the blue waters of the Sea.
    d) Surfing s one fun sporting activity done along the white sandy beaches, sanding along the beach is also popular there.

Sydney Opera house:

  1. a) The Sydney opera House is right within the precincts of the city, the landmark house is a must see attraction while in Australia, it houses some biggest auditoriums and conference halls known in the whole world.
    b) The landmark is easily noticeable once you arrive in the city, it’s remarkable in the entire Australia as a whole too for its fame.
    c) Opera House offers facilities for grand meetings and performances which are internationally recognized and attended, millions of audience have gotten a chance to attend every year.
    d) The house is uniquely designed with top class architectural design; the facility is very modern with unique ambiance and attraction worth exploring while in the city.

The Botanic Gardens:

  1. a) The garden is one of the natural attractions for families who are going for a floral rendezvous, the lovely flowers makes many families visiting a good treat.
    b) It directly compliments the Sydney Harbor vista, the Harbor is just next to the Botanic Gardens, and the variety of flowers offers a great view for even study purposes.
    c) The well maintained and trimmed Garden offers a variety, it’s divided in different segments according to different plants species, and visitors find it a real learning tour even as they enjoy the wonders of the garden.
    d) The garden is an expansive 30 acre with much more to offer its visitors; there are nice restaurants around where you can enjoy yourself with your family.

Sydney Aquarium: 

  1. a) The Aquarium is just within the precincts of the city within the nearby Parks; here the aquatic life is well refined and defined for purposes of attractions.
    b) Many visitors come to experience the water life in the area; the Aquarium is well developed with many species of fiches and other sea mammals to explore about.
    c) The marine creatures include the cold, fresh, salty and the tropical water fishes, the species numbers about a thousand and more, other unique species of mammals can also be found in this spot.
    d) There are specialist guides to take visitors through the segments of the Aquarium for learning purposes, the Seal Show is a site to see while here for entertaining purposes.

The Blue Mountains:

  1. a) The Mountain Ranges are just serenely located within the Northern part of the city, the views are so panoramic for many city dwellers, and it’s a good escape from the hustles of the busy city.
    b) The Mountain ranges are unique in their cascading contrasts; the ranges overlap each other to give the viewer a picturesque view of the quite mountainous region.
    c) Wentworth Falls is considered another attraction offered by the ranges, the fall can be viewed just at the foot of these high Ranges, some water sporting activities can be done at the foot of the Ranges.
    d) The Three Sister are other must see attractions of the area; The Everglades can also be viewed within the Mountain region.

Other attractions like the Sydney Harbor Bridge, The Chinese Garden Of Friendship, and The Queen Victoria Building are adding to the number of must see attractions, get your Australian Visas to explore all its beautiful attractions.